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All heroes’ tiers in AU Reborn

One of the newest Roblox games, AU Reborn, has quickly gained popularity. This video game presents you with a variety of anime characters; some are strong, while others are not worthy of your time. To help you decide which characters are worthwhile purchases, we’ve created an AU Reborn tier list. Check these out as well, as it will be just as helpful as the list of AU Reborn codes!


It would be ideal if you understood what our AU Reborn tier list is before learning about it. If you are familiar with tier lists, you can simply skip this section of the book. Yet, this section is crucial for novices.
The most seasoned gamers established a specific list called a “tier list” to rank the characters from weakest to powerful. Even though the majority of individuals attempt to base their tier lists on some factual facts, they are always vulnerable to some subjective judgments. As a result, tier listings on various websites may differ significantly. We have tier lists for A Universal Time, Monsters of Sonaria, and a few more Roblox games that you may check out if you play other Roblox games.

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AU Reborn SS tier character

The strongest and greatest heroes in AU Reborn are found in SS TIER. The fact that Tier SS heroes are difficult to get is the sole drawback. To unlock them, you’ll need to play the game for a long time.


Shisui is certainly well-known if you are a major Naruto fan. His kotoamatsukami was among Naruto’s most potent moves. Shisui is also more powerful in AU Reborn than he was in the anime series.
He possesses a body flicker, a counter-barrage technique, as his opening move. Moreover, if you use this technique properly, you may complete a potent combination that would significantly harm your adversary.

The second action is a little AoE assault that does around 10 damage; nothing special.

Using a Fireball Jutsu Combo as the third move. It has a wide area of effect and severely damages foes. The majority of gamers believe it to be the game’s finest move overall.

Kotoamatsukami, the fourth and final move, is used. A weak adversary may be quickly killed by this combination move.

Shisui also possesses a potent awakening form. He will call out green Susanoo, who will then use her abilities to inflict even more harm. So, the best course of action if you notice that your opponent has Shisui is to stay away from him.


Issei is still one of AU Reborn’s greatest heroes despite not being as well-liked as Shisui. He is one of the characters in High School DxD, and the game’s creators also borrowed some of his abilities from the anime.
A boost is the first ability. Your stats will be modestly increased by this talent, but the most important thing to note is that it has a short cooldown. Consequently, you may repeatedly use this talent to gain an advantage.

A dragon shot is the second ability. It is a rather potent skill. Also, if you employ the dragon shot properly, you could begin a combination.

Solid Impact Booster, the third talent, is a straightforward melee assault that delivers a lot of damage.

Dragon Impact is the fourth ability.

Issei also has an awakening mode. When in this form, he is able to utilize boost indefinitely as well as three more skills: divide, dragon blast, which is one of the game’s most powerful abilities, and longinus smasher.


Even though Fubuki is third in the SS tier, she is one of AU Reborn’s most potent characters. Onepunchman’s gorgeous lady could first seem sweet and frail. Yet the truth is rather different. One of AU Reborn’s fiercest heroes, she is.
Hell Crusher is her primary ability. A rock is called forth from the earth with this combination technique. You will also get super armor after finishing it.

Hell Storm is the second ability. Hell Storm will significantly injure your adversary by knocking them back.

Lastly, there is a Hell Cutter. It is a barrage that extends the combo and does marginal damage.

The last maneuver is a Psychic Barrier. Fubuki can practically defend herself from any assault in this game by using this talent to build a unique shield.

Fubuki’s most thrilling aspect is awakening. Fubuki will be able to utilize the four techniques psychic grip, psychic tornado, psychic barrier, and psychic extinction when in the awakened form. You may be confident that these maneuvers will get rid of any opponents in your path.


One of the characters in AU Reborn who isn’t from the anime is Jonsey. It is Fortnite’s primary protagonist. Therefore it comes as quite a surprise to find Jonsey in this video game. Nonetheless, one of the strongest heroes is Jonsey, who is a reality.
Tiny Shield is the opening talent. It may seem at first that this talent has no effect. Yet this is untrue. Your character gains a little amount of protection from Mini Shield, which modestly reduces the damage they suffer.

Pump shotguns are the second skill. This talent extends combos and does 12 damage, which is fairly impressive for the second skill.

Blue AR is the next move. It extends combos and does 14 damage, much like a pump shotgun.

Bush is the final ability available in normal mode. With its aid, Jonsey will change into a Fornite bush. Finding hidden Jonsey could seem challenging if you are engaged in combat in the jungle.

Jonsey grows in strength when he awakens, becoming the game’s most potent hero. You can construct walls, floors, and ramps in Fortnite with the first three talents. Both protection and entertainment may be obtained from these factors. Moreover, you get limitless access to them.

200 Pumped is the last skill. It is a combo extender and delivers 33 damage.


Au Reborn S tier character

The most important thing for you to understand is that Tier S contains powerful characters who may one day reach Tier SS. However, if you are adept enough at employing Tier S characters, you may easily overcome less knowledgeable gamers who use Tier SS heroes.

Tanjiro Kamado should get extra consideration on this list. In comparison to other heroes in Tier S, Demon Slayer’s primary character is far more powerful. While playing with Tanjiro Kamado, you need, nevertheless, be skillful in order to get the greatest outcomes.


For casual players, characters from Tier A are ideal. They are competitive in regular fights and obtaining them presents no difficulties. You will obviously be unable to win Shisui or Tsuna. Yet, you can easily outclass heroes from tiers B and C.

The fact is that there isn’t a single greatest hero among the top tier A AU Reborn characters. They are comparable to one another. The best method to determine who is the most powerful is to play them all and make your own judgment.


Beginners should choose heroes from Tier B. These are ideal for honing your abilities and developing your knowledge of the game. Playing heroes from Tier B will always result in defeat. Nevertheless, there is currently no better option available for novices. And Naruto deserves your particular attention. He is quite strong and capable of competing with Tier A heroes.


Tier C in AU Reborn is the last Tier, as is obvious. Kirito Unfinished and Kefla Unfinished are the only characters present. Moreover, even for novices, playing them is not advised due to their weakness.

There are 5 Tiers in AU Reborn: SS, S, A, B, and C. Just 4 heroes are present in Tier SS, the greatest Tier. The most important Tier, Tier S, has six characters. You should just keep in mind that Tier Lists are subject to change. Hence, if you want to win, try to just utilize current knowledge on AU Reborn. In addition, be sure to save this page and return to it later for further information.

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