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App shielding- How to protect your apps in the best possible manner

A modern mobile application is prone to threat and a surge in hacking incidents is a welcome move to enhance security levels. Securing apps is becoming tough day by day as it is on different devices or operating systems and some of them are beyond the control of an app developer. Safeguarding and protecting an irrespective of the environment where they are operating happens to be the main task of app shielding.

More about app shielding

App shielding is a critical measure that prevents any form of intrusion. It blocks attempts and saves an enterprise from the adverse outcomes of security breaches. App shielding does make it difficult for an enterprise to penetrate and initiate attacks. It is known to rely on a series of techniques that prevents app manipulation and close similar form of security gaps.

It is known to take a proactive stance and prevents any form of attack rather than merely reacting to an attack. This is a time when mobile applications are more prone to attacks than ever before app shielding turns out to be a defense mechanism that shields attacks or risks to confidentiality that has an impact on the reputation and confidence of the customers.

App shielding is convenient to use and no business would love to miss out on the opportunity of providing easy access and connecting with customers in a better way. But with the growing use of the apps, the number of hackers is on the rise and they do not miss out on any opportunity when it comes to stealing data. This is bound to be the case with banking or financial services where there is an exchange of sensitive information.

App shielding and its importance

For any organization that does not want to compromise on risk data integrity, and security and does not want to fall prey to any form of attacks, there calls for a definite reason to invest in app shielding methods.

  • Close to 67 % of financial institutions have reported a leak in financial data having an impact on their credentials. App shielding is known to protect the reputation of the business minimizing the risk of targeted attacks.
  • The main target of fraudsters is mobile channels. The risks associated with mobile apps are on the rise and it is important that you keep up with the evolving landscape of business risks and vulnerabilities.
  • A finance and health organization should not function without app shielding. It is a must-have security measure since a single breach of security may mean that you lose your business to competitors permanently.
  • App shielding protects data along with intellectual property by making the apps resilient against runway attacks
  • App shielding enables the use of certain features that otherwise may go on to pose a security threat leading to an opportunity for security growth.


For all those who are looking to gain an advantage in the competitive world shielding is a definite plus.

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