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Blackout Curtains or Thermal Curtains; Which One To Go For?

No one can argue with the fact that curtains are the most used and most popular window treatments across the globe. And with the right kind of selection, they can be the most comforting elements for both home décor and home improvement purposes. Speaking of the most calmative curtain choices, the two most common names in this regard are blackout and thermal curtains, which offer both room insulation and room darkening benefits. So If you’re also torn between deciding whether to opt for blackout or thermal curtains as your window coverings, then you’ve come exactly to the right place the lahore mart.

In this article by Dubai Curtain, we’re going to compare both these types of curtains in terms of different aspects, so as to help you make an informed, ideal choice between the two options.

A Comparative Analysis Between Blackout & Thermal Curtains For An Ideal Choice

Both of these types of window curtains are ideal in their own regard but the choice of any one of them can only be made if you’ve defined the purpose of buying window coverings for your home interior beforehand.

And it goes without saying that the extent of benefits offered by both of them differ greatly. Below, we’ve compared them both in terms of functionality as well as decorative features to help you choose the best between them.

1. Basic Structural Difference

Blackout curtains are manufactured using 100% pure blackout fabrics and comprise a triple layer of fabrics. The middle layer features thick lining fabric that makes these curtains functionally beneficial in the true sense. Basically, these curtains are designed to help you enjoy a blackout experience in your home interior. Read more Lisa Sparks.

And just like that, thermal window curtains also comprise three layers of fabrics but the middle layer in thermal curtains embraces thick fabric for controlling the temperature in your home interior. Thus, thermal curtains are designed to provide insulation benefits.

2. Insulation & Energy Efficiency

For blackout curtains, you’ll find these curtains less beneficial in terms of providing insulation benefits. It is because they function to block light from entering your home interior due to the middle lining layer in their design.

Coming towards the aspect of energy efficiency, blackout curtains will prove to be less beneficial when in comparison to thermal window curtains.

For thermal curtains, as you can tell from the name that these curtains are designed to reduce the amount of heat loss to a significant extent i.e. about 25% cost of your energy bill is reduced. Also, the thick middle layer fabric in the design of thermal curtains will prevent the loss of heat through your home windows, thus keeping the interior cool during summer and warm in winter.

3. Aesthetic Appeal

Speaking of appearance, both these types of curtains will prove to be visually appealing depending on your personal liking and interior decor requirements. Because you’ll find a wide variety of options in terms of design, color, pattern, and prints for both these types of curtain fabrics.

Hence, no matter whether it’s a blackout or thermal curtains, your home interior decor won’t be compromised. No need to mention that fabric quality is something that should be precisely looked upon and not compromised because the strength of fabrics will decide the durability and lifespan of your valuable investment.

4. Blackout Properties & Noise Reduction

There is no need to say that blackout curtains are designed for room-darkening purposes and therefore, prove to be an ideal choice for creating a complete interior blackout. As far as you’re concerned about the extent of noise reduction, you’ll find both these options equally beneficial in this regard.

5. Care & Maintenance

Of course, one can’t make an ideal choice until one has reviewed the element on the basis of cleaning and maintenance. Because some materials have to be professionally cleaned and you can’t do anything about that additional cost of maintenance.

In light of today’s options, thermal curtains are machine-washable and therefore, offer ease of maintenance in the actual sense. On the contrary, blackout curtains can also be cleaned by routine cleaning practices like dusting, vacuuming, etc. However, you’ll need to have them deep cleaned by professionals every once in a while for retaining their profile and functioning the right way.

End Note

For the conclusive comments, we can conclude that if you want to enjoy quality sleep without any light or glare distractions, then blackout curtains will suit your interest. And, if you’re more concerned about energy efficiency and maintenance, then thermal window curtains can be chosen as an ideal option. However, the final decision will always depend on your personal liking while keeping in view the requirements of your home interior.

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