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Boost Your Site Performance with Netherlands Dedicated Server


A slow-speed website will make you lose 80% of your visitors regardless of the quality of products or services you are providing in Netherlands. If the website does not function properly then the visitor will switch to the other competitors. That’s why good website performance is very important. However, it also depends on what type of website you own and how many visitors are visiting it on a daily basis. For example, if you have a small business website then the shared hosting server will help you provide the best performance.

Just like this, if you have a high-traffic website that experiences millions of audience then powerful hosting like a dedicated hosting server will help you boost the performance. So, in this guide, we will talk about Netherlands Dedicated Server and how it can boost site performance. Now, let’s start the article.

Why Is Good Website Performance Required?

Everyone should know why website performance is required if they want to grow online. Having a website means you are opening your business online and serving the services to a wider audience. It’s like expanding the business for an internet audience too. So, there are a lot of benefits when you open a business online with some drawbacks too. You have to take care of your website’s working process, speed, visual quality, and easy processing while buying dedicated hosting services in Netherlands.

And if you do not give proper attention to all these things then the site performance will go down and the audience will go to your competitor websites. It will also increase the bounce rate of your site and you’ll lose your running on the SERP or Google. That’s why to get rid of these problems and to have the fast speed for your website, getting a powerful hosting type like Netherlands Dedicated Server is beneficial.

Furthermore, in the next section, you’ll know how dedicated hosting helps you boost your site performance, so, let’s get started.

How To Boost The Site Performance With Netherlands Dedicated Hosting?

How To Boost The Site Performance With Netherlands Dedicated Hosting

There are lots of ways by which a Dedicated Server Hosting Netherlands will help you improve your website performance. However, it also depends on from whom you have bought the services. So, let’s start the article with a discussion of a reliable hosting provider to whom you can believe.

1. Host with a Reliable Provider

The first thing that dedicated hosting helps in boosting performance is how much uptime you are getting from the provider in Netherlands. That’s why always check how much uptime guarantee your provider is offering. A 99.90% uptime is what you should always look for as this amount will help you keep the server network up even when your site is experiencing high traffic. That’s hosting your site with a reliable host gets very important.

For example, for a Netherlnads based website, you can buy dedicated server services from Hostbillo Hosting Solution. The host offers affordable hosting plans and a wide range of packages that help you get a perfect fit package for your site. Also, it delivers a 99.90% network uptime guarantee that helps a site to keep up with the server at high-traffic times.

2. Fast Loading Speed

Netherlands Dedicated Server provides a high-bandwidth facility with its plans that helps you get a fast loading speed for your website. If you don’t know about bandwidth then it is a measurement of the data transmitted over the internet between a web browser and a website. The more amount of bandwidth you get with the hosting package means the data will transmit quickly and the user will access it as soon as he lands on the page. This will enhance the user experience of your site and boost its performance.

All the Dedicated Server Hosting plans come with a high-bandwidth facility in Netherlands, and also you get to upgrade it whenever you want. So, if you own an e-commerce website or want a better gaming experience, then high bandwidth dedicated web server package will help you get what you want with the site in Netherlands.

3. Enough Server Space

To load the data quickly on the page, it is important that you should have enough space. It will enhance your website performance. A server like Dedicated Server Netherlands provides maximum storage space to host your giant business website on a single server. As an owner of a giant site, you surely have a lot of data that needs enough space to store.

That’s why dedicated servers come with the facility to provide maximum storage, unlike other hosting types like VPS, etc. There are two types of discs that you can get with the hosting plans– HDD(hard disk drive) and SSD(solid state drive). Both of these disks are beneficial to store your data. However, SSDs are more recommended as it stores the data on the server very quickly using flash methods. So, look for a Netherlands Dedicated web hosting plan that has enough SSD storage like 240-900GB at least.

4. Malware Scan and Protection

Virus attacks are also one of the main reasons why your website will lose its performance. DDo’s attacks, cyberattacks, malware, etc. will lag your website speed and make it slow whenever a visitor visits the site. Moreover, someone can also hack your site and you can lose all of your data. Your business reputation will go down because of all these malfunctioning activities.

That’s why opting for a reliable Netherlands Dedicated Web Server will help you get rid of these problems. As this server provides a proper malware scan and protects your site from viruses. So, you don’t have to worry about the security of your site. And, when your site is fully protected from viruses, it will not lag and gives a booster so that the visitor can get the right information on time. So, getting a Netherlands-based dedicated web server will help you boost the site speed and make it scalable.

How Increased Performance Benefits Your Website?

How Increased Performance Benefits Your Website

Having an increased website performance will result in getting huge benefits. So, in this section, we will discuss the major benefits that you get when improving your site performance with a dedicated server hosting Netherlands.

Improves Customer Experience

If the page takes a second longer to load, page views will drop by 11%, customer satisfaction will decline by 16%, and conversions will fall by 7%. That’s why having a fast speed and great performance of a site is important. So, in recovering from the slow page speed, Netherlands Dedicated Server helps you out fully.

The types of hosting features it provides will help you increase the user experience of your site. It ensures to load your site quickly. Your website’s high traffic will be absorbed by the Netherlands dedicated server’s high disk space, bandwidth, RAM, and other resources, improving the customer experience.

Boosts SEO(Search Engine Optimization)

Search engine like Google uses page speed as a ranking factor while ranking a site on SERP(Search Engine Result Page). Google considers some factors like core web vitals that determine a website to rank on it. These factors include the mobile and desktop responsiveness of a site. And, if you have a bad website performance these factors will mark as red and show your site ranking low on SERP.

However, Websites hosted on a dedicated server hosting in Netherlands have a lower ‘Time to First Byte(’TTFB, one of the major parts when considering core web vital values) and higher search result rankings. Therefore, hosting your website on a dedicated server will improve its ranking on Google.

Increased Customized Features

Cheap Dedicated Server Netherlands plans provide beneficial features for your website that you can customize when necessary. So, with a server like this, you can customize the hosting features and configure the server whenever you want. But still, make sure that an experienced person will do this.


After reading the article, now you know how a Netherlands Dedicated Server boosts your site performance. So, if you want, your site to perform well on SERP, and have good speed, and user experience, then dedicated hosting helps you fully to get it.

There are lots of hosts from whom you can buy the services to get benefits for your site. One of the reliable hosts that we have also mentioned in the article too is Hostbillo. The host delivers a 99.90% network uptime with 7 days credit back assurance. It also provides a wide range of hosting packages for Cheap Dedicated Server Netherlands plans.

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