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4 easiest ways to trend on Twitter?

Eager to trend on Twitter? We polled every Twitter user. We have covered everything in this.

Trending on Twitter is not so easy, but thousands of users are applying thousands of tricks to bring themselves on trend. Because it is not enough to do business on it that you are just posting on it to promote your business. 

To trend on Twitter, you should do everything so that you can trend on Twitter.

There is no doubt that there are 190 million daily active users on this platform.

It’s too much But you do not need to worry about the fact that your post will not be shown on this huge number. 

You need to make sure that your post is found in this number as well.

I will tell you in this article in these 4 tips that how you can easily trend on Twitter. Let’s start again.

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What is trend 

Before we proceed further with this article, it is very important for you to understand what is trend,

Let’s understand. When something is trending on Twitter it means that there is a lot of interest in it. On trending, you would be shown only those things which are trending on Twitter in real time.

There is no guarantee that the thing which was trending in the morning should trend the same thing in the evening or the next day.

The topic which is trending on Twitter has complete information about its algorithmic address. Who is trending, where is he from, what is his interest or who he follows. The algorithm keeps tracking all these things.

Here are the 4 easiest ways to trend on Twitter that you must read.


1. Be active on twitter

Now let’s start those things from which we first follow these tips that how to trend on Twitter quickly and learn about it.

To trend on this platform, you must first focus on delivering fresh and effective tweets. After this you try that you can interact with other followers. 

To follow this method, I would definitely like to tell those users who have just started on Twitter.

After this whatever you tweet on twitter, after that you check your tweet that you are posting the tweet. Wp Tweet is according to what you want to create.

2. Give users a reason to use the hashtag

Guide the question of how many tweets trend so that 236000 tweets trend on Twitter. When the tweet is more focused. When you want to attract new followers to you.

  • For people to use hashtags in their posts, you give them a reason to add hashtags to their tweets or posts. 
  • Often people are not aware of the power of hashtags so they do not use hashtags. Because they need a reason to use a hashtag. But using this hashtag, 
  • users are talking among themselves. You will be able to join their conversation through these hashtags.

Make sure to use trending hashtags in your tweets, this will increase your chances of trending.

3. Find the right hashtag and tweet it

Never use too many words in your hashtags that other users might think you are a spammer. Hashtags with more words are enough to distract you now. Which will make it easier to ignore your hashtags. This is one of the easiest ways to trend on Twitter.

if any other user also uses your hashtag, then it becomes insignificant. The mistake people often make in finding the right hashtags is that they try to make these hashtags too specific.

You should use hashtags in general as it is much more reliable than other hashtags.

4. Spark a real conversation

This question is asked to me many times. For how to bring any topic to trend on Twitter in the easiest way, I would like to say that Twitter has some Twitter trend rules. By following which you can trend on Twitter.

  • It is considered to be one of the ways in which people get interested in their topic or get a real conversation going.
  • So that you can trend on twitter. You can use this trick to increase the conversation by asking them questions and when they come to that topic, 
  • you can move your conversation with them in a funny way. Don’t forget to use hashtags so other users can participate in your conversation as well.

How to see worldwide trends on Twitter,

Many people have a question that how to see worldwide trends on Twitter, for this you can go to Twitter’s Settings, go to Privacy & Security, go to Explore Location, here you will be able to see the trends that trending on twitter.


Twitter keeps changing, on this no trend lasts more than 5 or 6 hours, on this it is a bit difficult to bring your topic on trend. But if you adopt these strategies which I have mentioned above. So through these you can bring your topic on trend on Twitter.

You can also bring your topic on trend through likes on Twitter. If the number of likes on your tweet is high and people are keeping their interest on it. So you can bring your topic in the list of trends. Netsviral’s service Buy Twitter Likes India and buy genuine Twitter followers can boost thousands and millions of likes on your post. That too in a very short time which every user wants nowadays.

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