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Education certifies the Bachelor BBA from the Caixanova Business School

The Ministry of Education and Culture has officially confirmed the homologation of the titles of the third promotion of the Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) of the Caixanova Business School to the official title in Spain of Bachelor of Business Administration and Management. The BBA from the Caixanova Business School is, as recognized by the Ministry of Education, a University Degree in Business Management and Administration that is taught in Vigo in collaboration with the University of Wales. All students who have taken and are taking these studies follow the Anglo-Saxon training system, completing their studies in four academic years. In this way, all those who complete their studies obtain an official UK degree from the University of Wales -one of the most prestigious in the country-, in addition to the recognition at the European level that this entails. The ninth promotion is about to begin its studies, the BBA from the Caixanova Business School has become, according to the financial entity, a constant pool of future management positions in companies. The particularity that all the professors who participate in the program are, or have been, company managers means that the teaching received is eminently practical. This training is completed with languages ​​(English and French), the availability of media and contacts from the Caixanova Business School, internships in companies at the end of the studies, and the possibility of finishing their studies in the last year at the University of Wales itself. The result, according to Caixanova, “is a very high-quality training that gains in prestige day by day.”

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