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Explore Some Interesting Activities You Can Do In Gurgaon

Gurgaon is a booming commercial city boasting skyscrapers filled with maddening crowds and traffic. The city is among the largest technology hubs in India. The steadily growing city combines both a boasting refreshing air and energetic life. So why wait? Plan to visit Gurgaon, and explore some of the interesting and fun activities that you can do here. You can refer to the guide below, it provides a list of some exciting and fun activities that you can do to make your Gurgaon trip a memorable one.

Interesting Activities That You Can Do In Gurgaon

A few exciting and fun activities that you can do in Gurgaon are as follows:

Exploring Gaming Zones and Entertainment Areas

If you are a gamer or fond of gaming, you can explore the multiple gaming zones in Gurgaon. In addition to gaming zones for adults, Gurgaon has many play zones for the younger age group, suitable for children from two to twelve years of age. 

Some of you might find the gaming zones in Gurgaon to be unique, and some may find the gaming areas to be refreshing. With games such as football, Virtual Reality, etc., you can spend a good refreshing time away from your busy stressful life for a short time. With multiple gaming areas in the city, you can head out to explore the gaming zones. You can watch live entertainment shows with musicals, food culture, art, etc.

Air Safari

Going on an Air Safari is an adventurous activity that you can do in Gurgaon. When you go for the adventurous Air Safari in Gurgaon, you fly in a small-sized automobile attached to a parachute. While on the Air Safari, you can enjoy the city views from a bird’s eye. You can do the adventurous activity conducted under trained experts. With trained experts, Air Safari can be safe, even if you do not have prior experience tackling a parachute.

Hot Air Balloon

A hot air balloon ride is another interesting activity that you can do in Gurgaon. It is intriguing to get inside a hot air balloon and get a spectacular city view from above. In addition to the hot air balloon ride, you can do other exciting and adventurous activities, such as rock climbing, blindfold commando, free fall, commando, and valley crossing. 

Learn the History of Indian Transport 

Suppose you are interested in history or are a history lover. In that case, you can visit museums and learn about the history of Indian transport with the exclusive collection of automobiles, trams, 2-wheelers, 4-wheelers, aviation vehicles, and other means of transportation. If you visit Gurgaon with children, you can go to the museum and tell the children about the history of Indian transport.

Learn and Experience Tribal Art

In addition to knowing about the history of Indian transport, you can learn and experience tribal art. There are museums in Gurgaon that display various forms of tribal art. In many museums, you can witness exclusive artifacts and handicrafts belonging to numerous tribal communities of India. You can see Kantha embroidery from Bengal, unusual embroidered textiles from Himachal Pradesh, etc.


Gurgaon has turned into a corporate hub in the last few decades. In addition to several tourist attractions, you can do many interesting activities. If you plan to visit Gurgaon, you can explore multiple entertainment places in Gurgaon. Along with gaming hubs, the city has multiple museums, temples, shopping malls, tourist attractions, adventurous activity spots, etc. 

The place has turned into a booming technology and financial city. If you love gaming, you can explore the gaming zones in Gurgaon. The city boasts both corporate city life and the countryside experience. You can do many exciting activities to ensure a happening experience.

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