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Get a New Zealand visa for your Belgian and French friends!


New Zealand is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world and has become especially attractive in recent years due to its unique landforms and vibrant culture. For travelers from certain countries, obtaining a New Zealand visa can open up a world of exciting experiences. This includes Belgian and French citizens who, if meeting certain criteria, may be eligible for a visitor, business, or resident visa for New Zealand. 

What is a New Zealand visa for Belgian and French citizens?

Depending on the circumstances, a visa for New Zealand can be processed quickly and easily. For temporary NEW ZEALAND VISA FOR BELGIAN CITIZEN visitors, the visitor visa is the most popular option. To qualify, applicants must be a citizen of either Belgium or France, 18 years old or above, of sound mind, and without a criminal record. Additionally, they need to demonstrate financial ability to support themselves during their stay, and sufficient funds and booking confirmation for their return trip. 


The business visa is available for individuals planning short trips for business activities. This must involve regular business dealings and the applicant must be able to prepare a letter of intent and provide evidence of sufficient funds to pay for associated costs such as accommodation and transportation. The stay on this visa is usually valid for up to 12 months. 

How do get a New Zealand visa for Belgian and French citizens?

Finally, the resident visa is available for those wishing to live and work in New Zealand. This requires more detailed documentation, depending on individual circumstances, and is only obtainable to those who meet specific criteria. This includes having a job offer, sufficient funds to maintain yourself, and meeting health and character requirements. Generally, the processing time for a resident visa could take anywhere between three to twelve months. 


As countries of the European Union, Belgian and French citizens benefit from certain fast-track visa services for their travel to New Zealand. This can further expedite the entire visa application process and provide a clear pathway for what is typically a straightforward procedure. Regardless of the type of visa chosen, beginning the process early will give individuals the best chance of successful approval.

What are the requirements for a New Zealand visa for Belgian and French citizens?

New Zealand has long been a popular destination for tourists and travelers alike, and its visa requirements are not overly restrictive. The government is currently offering different types of visas for those wishing to visit New Zealand from Belgium and France. This essay will explain the currently available New Zealand visa options for Belgian and French citizens, as well as some guidelines for how citizens of both countries can apply for these visas.


Belgian and French citizens wishing to visit New Zealand can apply for either a Visitor Visa or a Working Holiday Visa. Both of these visas have similar prerequisites, such as proof of financial support and a valid passport. 

What are the benefits of a New Zealand visa for Belgian and French citizens?

The Visitor Visa is intended for those who plan to stay in New Zealand for multiple months and may include those looking to participate in business meetings or university study. Those applying for a Visitor Visa must provide evidence of whether they intend to stay in, or move through, New Zealand during the duration of the visa. Additionally, they must provide proof that they are able to support themselves and pay any medical costs incurred during their stay. 


The Working Holiday Visa is intended for travelers who plan to spend up to 12 months in New Zealand, with part of that time intending to find employment. Apply for this visa will need to provide evidence of their ability to support themselves for the duration of their stay, as well as proof of any relevant qualifications and that they are 21 or over. 

What are the steps to take if you want to apply for a New Zealand visa for Belgian and French citizens?

To apply for either NEW ZEALAND VISA FOR FRENCH CITIZENS of these visas, Belgian and French citizens should fill out the visa application forms online through the New Zealand Immigration website, and submit the documents with their applications by post.


Overall, the government of New Zealand has established two main types of visas for Belgian and French citizens – the Visitor Visa and the Working Holiday Visa. Both visas require applicants to provide evidence of their financial stability and any qualifications needed to carry out business activities in New Zealand. 

In conclusion

The application process can be completed online as well as by post. Those on a visitor visa are restricted to three months of stay and can only take part in activities for recreation, holidays, or visiting family and friends. 


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