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How Do Tie The Dock Line To An Inflatable Boat?

Here is a simple guideline to help you keep your inflated dinghy anchored or in water for extended periods. For pole supports, you can use PVC gray 1/2″ electric pipes. PVC pipes are readily available at Home Depot and local hardware stores. 

They offer enough tension to keep your dingy from rubbing against docks. Keep in mind, however, that prolonged exposure will result in the growth of algae and barnacles along the bottom.

How Do You Tie Your Boat?

Here are some steps to help secure your lumbuy boat. There are many different ropes available for attaching a boat to different parts. These include the spring lines, stern lines, and so on. You must use the right rope in the right place to securely tie up your boat. 

It is important to ensure the ropes are the right size when buying them. So that the rope will be sufficient in all situations, it must be the same length as the boat. The rope material is crucial as it should be strong enough to withstand the boat’s weight. There are many types of dock lines available, depending on your requirements.


Once you can tie up your boat properly, you will be able to sail it. It is important to slow the boat down when you are ready to dock. It isn’t like a car that you can stop the vehicle in inches.

It may take boats a longer time to come to a stop, and it is not possible to tie it up until it does. Therefore, you must slow down the boat before the docking spot. You can dock your boat at any place you find.


There will not be a dock for free. There will always be other boats. One must also consider the distance between boats. Tide is an important factor when docking a vessel. Also, consider the distances between other boats and tides. Boats can move so you should calculate the distance.

Choose an Spot

If you have the luxury of enough space to dock, then choose wisely. Make sure you have enough space for your boat. You should also consider docking and undocking. The more space available, the simpler it will be.

See the Currents

Your choice of course will depend on the direction you take. Even when tieing up your lumbuy boat, you must take into account the water tides AND the wind. If you do not properly judge the boat, it might be too far away to tie up as planned.


As with parking your vehicle on a busy street, you need to be careful when you dock your boat. It is not a good idea to bump into boats owned by others.

Speak Up

There are many other items that one should have with him when sailing on the boat, aside from the lines.

  • Fenders these protect your vessel from bumping into other boats, docks, or boats when you are attached to them. These bumpers stop bumping from causing damage.
  • Cleats – These can either be horn-shaped (or T-shaped) and are used to attach the lines to the boat.
  • Pilings  These are long pieces of timber that are driven into the floor. They can be used to secure lines using cleats.


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