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How to Beat Granny

How to beat Granny

You are trapped in a weird house with no way out, and you must evade the wicked Granny while planning and carrying out your escape. Here’s how to beat Granny, where to get all the keys and goodies, and a few more suggestions for winning the game.

Granny items:

Grandmother things: To leave Granny’s house, you’ll need to gather 16 items during the course of your playtime. Each has a distinct function, but you can only carry one at a time. This implies that you must either remember where you left an item and return for it when you need it, or go and finish using an item as soon as you locate it.

Below is what each item does, so you’ll know what to do with everything when you find it.

    • What does the Hammer do?

The hammer serves three purposes. The first step is to remove the boards from the chamber to the left of the attic. You can pick up the planks and use them to walk over the damaged floor once they’re on the ground. Once you’ve crossed across the planks, the second usage is to smash the surveillance camera high up on the right side of the prison cell. The last time you’ll need to use the hammer is to remove the additional planks from the front door.

    • What do the Cutting Pliers do?

The cutting pliers are also employed in three areas. The first is in the basement, in the grey box on the wall at the bottom of the steps. You’re severing the wire towards the top. The second location is by the front door, where there are red and green lights. Both lights will turn green if you use the pliers on the door here. The pliers should be used on the fan in the jail cell in the attic. If you become trapped in your prison cell, remove the door hinges on the right side and push the door open.

    • What does the Code do?

You must enter the code on the entrance door’s top padlock. It’s the one with the numbers.

    • What does the Cog Wheel do?

The cog wheels are utilized in tandem to retrieve another object from the backyard playhouse. To utilize them, you must first locate the playhouse key and unlock the door.

    • Cog Wheel 2

This is used in place of the first cog wheel. You enter the rear yard by entering via the dining room window. After opening the playhouse, you must use both cog wheels on the box within.

    • What does the Winch Handle do?

In the backyard, the winch handle is employed. You use it on the well at the area’s rear and spin it to lift a bucket containing another item.

    • What does the Screwdriver do?

The screwdriver is utilized through the basement’s secret tunnel, which is hidden behind the crates at the foot of the stairs. After crawling through, you’ll come to some steps. Turn left instead, and you’ll find a little grey box near the floor. Using the screwdriver, open it to reveal another item.

    • What does the Battery do?

The battery must be inserted into the slot in the center of the front door.

    • What does the Melon do?

When you discover the melon, you will be notified that it contains something. To get at it, take the melon to the guillotine (the contraption in the back yard) and utilize it. There will be something within.

    • What does the Blue Padlock Key do?

The blue padlock key unlocks the front door’s middle padlock. When you use it on the door, one of the planks and the lock will fall off, making a lot of noise.

    • What do the Car Keys do?

The automobile key is used to interact with the vehicle in the basement garage. You may examine the trunk/boot in the rear, the hood in the front, and the glovebox by opening the doors.

    • What does the Yellow Safe Key open?

The safe key opens the large grey floor safe in the basement. Inside it, you’ll find another item.

    • What does the Grey Playhouse Key open?

This unlocks the rear yard’s modest playhouse. This is the stage in which you use the cog wheels to obtain another item.

    • What does the Weapon Key open?

The weapons key unlocks the cabinet in the secret chamber hidden behind the crates between the two beds on the first level. Once you’ve passed the boxes, take the steps down and immediately turn right at the bottom. The cabinet has arrived. Inside are a crossbow and tranquilizer darts.

    • What does the Crossbow do?

After retrieving the crossbow from the weapons cabinet, take a tranquilizer dart and proceed to the main stairway close to the front entrance. A shelf may be found on the right, high up on the wall. Another gleaming object will be placed on the shelf. Pick it up and shoot it with your dart. You can also use a dart to make Granny disappear for 15 seconds.

    • What does the Red Master Key do?

This is used on the front door when you’re ready to flee, so keep it nearby.

How to get the shotgun in Granny

You may even construct a shotgun that makes Granny disappear for 30 seconds if you need some alone time. Three sections of it may be found throughout the home. To construct the shotgun, take each component to the garage beneath the basement. A workbench may be seen in the corner. After all three components are on the workbench, you may load the shotgun using one of the three rounds to the right of it.

Granny all possible item locations:


Granny all potential item locations: As previously stated, the locations of the items required to defeat Granny vary from game to game, but there are a limited amount of spots where they may occur. You’ll have to search all throughout Granny’s house for everything you need, so you can’t just learn one way to win the game quickly.

You should double-check:

Every drawer in every room of the home
Whatever shelves you notice around the home
Understairs storage cabinet
Sinks and toilets in the bathroom adjacent to the first bedroom
Over the boxes that hide the secret entrance on the first level, there is a shelf (screenshot below)
After walking across the boards in the attic, on the shelf on the right hand wall
The secret passageway’s shelf at the bottom of the steps. Next to where you use the screwdriver to open the box
Every kitchen cupboard, including the interior of the doors (the code can be stuck here)
Inside the microwave
To the left of the sink on the kitchen counter
The cabinet with grid-shaped doors in one of the reception rooms
Click the button in the upper right corner of the little secret area close to the weapons cabinet.
In the same room as the weapons cabinet, in the tall chest of drawers
On the basement counter to the left of the stairs
In the basement, look at the wall to the left of the stairs.
On a shelf in the garage under the basement’s steam room.

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