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How to choose a classic wedding dress for your figure?

The ideal option for meeting your dress is when you enter the salon, and there it is – the wedding dress of your dreams! The same shade, the lace you dreamed of, the perfect neckline, exactly your size. And you understand that this is fate!

Unfortunately, in reality such a meeting happens very rarely, but having prepared properly, you can create the conditions for this meeting yourself. By the way, the best classic dresses, for any figure, search here

Choosing a wedding dress: step-by-step instructions

  1. The first step is to have an idea of what is currently relevant in wedding fashion, because despite the fact that the traditional wedding dress is a classic element and retains its general look for years, looking typical for different nations and continents, still it has its own rules and nuances that you should know about in order to be in trend. So it will be useful to look through the latest wedding collections and shows, read about trends to be versed in current colors and fabrics.
  2. Next, you should understand what type of figure you have and what styles of bridal gowns suit your type.
  3. Before choosing a dress, you should imagine the place of the wedding, you have probably already decided where exactly you would like to make the ceremony, how best to decorate the place and the celebration in general – all this is important, because the bride on this holiday is like a cherry on a cake, and she should be not just a pearl, but a natural part of everything that happens on this day.


A classic designer wedding dress: how to find yours

Now, armed with all the knowledge, we proceed directly to the choice.

  • Today you can order a wedding dress fitting at home, but we advise you to do it in the salon, firstly, people work there who will help you put on the dress correctly and can always give useful advice, secondly, the salon has special full-length mirrors and adequate lighting so that you can see yourself completely and from all sides. And note that the wedding salons with which our online store of designer wedding dresses Dream Bridal Couture cooperates, have representatives in wedding salons around the world in Europe, USA, Canada, France, Germany, Romania, Belgium, Netherlands, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Libya, Nigeria and more
  • Take the person whom you completely trust and whose taste is beyond doubt for a fitting
  • When going to the fitting, take with you shoes with heels of different heights, so that you can see how you feel better and more comfortable

Remember that the main rule is: no rules, and if you really like the dress, it should be yours, our designers will make sure it fits you perfectly, because each of our dresses is made by hand according to individual measurements and taking into account all the parameters of your figure.

Impress and be perfect on your special day!

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