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How To Choose A Purposeful Gift To Bring To Your Next Baby Shower

Have you been invited to a baby shower this summer? It can be challenging to figure out what types of gifts would be the most appreciated by the expectant mother. You may have a go-to gift, such as newborn baby bundles, or you may want something unique. These are five types of gifts you may consider purchasing for a summer baby shower.

What Do Expecting Mothers Really Need?

When you are choosing your baby shower gifts, consider including something special for the mom. For example, if the pregnant mother finds it uncomfortable to sit on the couch, consider an exercise ball, which she can use after she gifts birth as well.

You may choose something personal, such as a pregnancy massage, pedicure or yoga class pack, or you may choose something that will help the parents after the baby is born, such as a baby bargains book, which rates baby products based on quality, safety and price. If the expectant mother doesn’t have a name picked out, you may also consider a book of baby names.

The Baby’s Practical Needs

You can also start with practical gifts. Every mother appreciates gifts that will be used regularly, such as diapers and wipes, bibs and bottles, onesies and blankets. Other practical gifts may include a baby food maker or bottle warmer. You may also provide gift cards, books and free babysitting as well as any products you have found useful if you have children.

Gifts That Create Memories

There are several gifts that you can provide that will create memories for the entire family, such as paying the sitting fee for family and baby photographs with a local photographer. You may also provide a custom baby book, photo album or custom framing for important family or baby photos.

Baby Tech Gifts

Just like you, the tech that is available for babies is consistently expanding. Of course, you can purchase traditional baby monitors, but now you have video options as well. Infants also gain peace and comfort from essential oil diffusers and sound machines that play white noise. You can even customize mobiles and night lights.

Good Gifts For the Summer

You may include summer-specific gifts, such as floaties or a floating ring, swimsuits with swim diapers, sun hat and sunglasses. A canopy or covered portable play yard, which protects the baby from the sun, is also useful. Don’t forget baby carriers or wraps and outdoor blankets.

Where to Find the Best Baby Shower Gifts

The best place to find shower gifts is to look over the expectant mother’s baby gift registry. New baby bundles will give you a great idea about complementary or supplementary products and services.

You may also work with a company that provides customized gifts if you know the baby’s name. Companies that specialize in baby items are also great resources.

As you prepare for the baby showers you have been invited to this season, carefully consider all the baby shower etiquette for guests and services.

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