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How to Fold a Curtained Window: From Open to Shutting Down in Seconds!

You’ve probably seen the commercials for the folding window product. It seems so simple, right? Fold the curtain and you’re done. And that’s exactly what most people do. Wrong! The folding window product isn’t as easy as it seems. In fact, it can take a few minutes to fold a curtain in half—and that doesn’t include getting the window open. To make things even more difficult, many people forget how to close the window from the outside. That leaves your customers vulnerable and open to attack. Here are four simple tips to help fold a curtain in no time at all! Learn more about voldikkardina paigaldus.

How to Fold a Curtained Window in Seconds.  

Open the window by pushing down on one end of the curtain and pulling it up. Cross the window with the other end of the curtain, and tuck it in at the top. Hold onto one side of the curtain and pull it up towards your face. Tuck the other side of the curtain behind you. Close the window by pushing down on one end of the Curtained Window, and pulling it up. – Close and unfold both curtains so that they hang down in front of your face. If you’re using an open window method, be sure to close and unfold both curtains before folding them so that they are lined up correctly. If you’re folding a curtain horizontally, be sure to open one end before unfolding the other end.

Step 1. Open the door of the window.

Step 2. Look for a hinge that is close to the edge of the curtain and pull it out from the inside.

Step 3. Place the hinge on top of the curtain, so that it has plenty of space to move around (it should be facing out).

Step 4. Hold up one end of the curtain and twist it around so that it hangs down in front of the hinge.

Step 5. Hold up the other end of the curtain and twist it around so that it hangs behind the hinge.

Step 6. Now, close both ends of the curtains together by pushing them towards each other, and twist them back until they form a closed window again.

Tips for Successful Curtained Window Folding.  

In order to fold a curtain quickly and easily, follow these tips:- Place the window in a comfortable position so that you can reach the hinge points.- Open the door of the vehicle or carabiner used to attach the window opened vertically (if using an open window method), or use a different door if you’re folding a curtain horizontally.- Carefully unfold one end of the curtain while keeping hold of the rest of it, then close and unfold the other end.- Fold the top of the first curtain overhang so that it covers both ends of the second curtain.


Folding a Curtained Window in seconds is a common task for many people. However, if you’re not successful at it, there are some tips that you can follow to help make folding a curtain in seconds easier. By following these tips, you’ll be able to fold a curtain in seconds and be successful at this task!

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