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How to Improve Your Local Ranking on Google

Most businesses need help to rank better on local searches despite being well-informed about digital marketing. Poor ranking on Google local searches means a business is missing out on potential traffic that is likely to convert. As a result, the business will lose the much-needed conversions to competitors doing things the right way. Therefore, businesses must leverage result-driven approaches to improve rankings locally. 

With the numerous local SEO strategies to consider, here are six proven ways to improve your local rankings on Google.

1. Registering Site with Google Search Console

Google has the Google Search Console, a free tool that helps index websites. The tool is one way to create a successful SEO strategy and feature your website on SERPs. Online Path SEO agency in Canberra assists businesses with understanding various aspects of using Google search console to improve local rankings. The search console mainly helps your businesses with the following:

  • Checking whether your website is receiving quality backlinks that will drive more traffic to the website for better ranking.
  • Determining if the site has technical issues that are affecting indexing.
  • Identifying the top search queries that drive more traffic.

2. Setting up a Google Business Account

A Google Business account should be a priority for new businesses that anticipate high-converting leads. However, for a business with an existing account, it is necessary to set up relevant geographic search leads. When optimising Google Business for local SEO, there are a few things to keep in mind;

  • Ensure the business information is accurate, complete and engaging. Consider updating relevant information as your business changes.
  • Verify the business locations for more visibility on search results, Google products and maps.
  • Updating business hours to confirm to customers that you will be available when they visit your business.

3. Create More Website Pages

A blog is a great way to increase visibility in local searches. Every content you post should have relevant keywords to the local searches. By diversifying these keywords, the web pages will help you rank higher. Google ranks blog posts by relevance and originality. If it determines the blog posts contain helpful information, your content will be displayed on the first pages for people seeking this information. Local SEO services in Australia can assist in implementing content strategies to increase website ranking on Google, which directly impacts conversion rates.

4. Manage and Respond to Reviews

Encouraging customers to leave reviews on your sites and products can massively impact rankings. These reviews are enough social proof that the business operates with the local consumer in mind. As a result, new clients will quickly look through the website to learn more about your products and services. In addition, higher ratings also increase the click-through rate as traffic grows. In addition, take time to respond to all positive or negative reviews. These responses indicate to your target market that you value client feedback. This process builds website authority which improves local search rankings.

5. Optimising Loading Speeds for Mobile

Google uses site loading speeds to rank pages meaning your site should be fast loading. Most people searching for local businesses use their mobile phones, tablets, and PCs: 29% of these searchers will move to a different site if it loads slowly. A higher bounce rate on a website affects ranking, and it will appear lower in the search results. Most local clients search for products and services they need urgently. Therefore, giving them answers when they expect builds the reliability of your business. Some ways to increase loading speed include:

  • Minimising ‘HTTP requests’ on a website by reducing external scripts.
  • Resizing images or using fast-loading formats to minimise lag on a page.

6. Adding Photos to Business Profiles and Site Pages

Local SEO services in Australia help businesses optimise their images for local SEO. Buyers appreciate photos in a business profile because it tells your story. In addition, these photos are an indication to shoppers that you have the products they want to explore or buy. By adding photos to your business profile, local audiences will easily click on your website from local search results. Google is also using a photo-recognition technology that ranks your pages as relevant. Therefore, optimising images for local SEO also generates more website traffic from clicks. In addition, these images make content more engaging and accessible to your audience.

A lot goes into improving a website to increase visibility on Google that a single post cannot cover. There are various aspects to consider to determine how your site will appeal to the largest search engine. Through these tips, improve your ranking on Google results pages. As a result, potential customers will click links, book appointments and even buy products, increasing your revenue.

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