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How to Optimize Your Instagram Content

Have you ever wondered why the growth of your account is stagnant? This is probably one of the most common problems people encounter on Instagram. As you may know already, Instagram is a very crowded place. More than 1 billion people around the world visit Instagram monthly. And the number keeps increasing.

This could be bad news for someone who just started their journey on Instagram. Sure, they can have a chance to get Instagram followers free, but it’s could be harder now.

However, that’s certainly not the end of the line because there is so much to do starting by optimizing your content.

How to Optimize Your Instagram Content

1. Change the Appearance of Instagram Link Stickers

The existence of Instagram stickers is a new way for Instagram creators and influencers to interact with their followers.

Where you can use Instagram stickers to share information about certain locations, create an interesting story display by adding songs, or answer various questions asked by Instagram followers. This can effectively grant your more followers, aside from using the followers app.

Not only that but there is also an Instagram link sticker feature where you can take your followers to certain website pages or marketplaces, so you can increase the number of potential buyers.

This service is also beneficial for someone who shares affiliate marketing links to get a greater number of visitors and buyers. However, the appearance of the Instagram link sticker that looks simple sometimes makes story viewers less interested in visiting the website.

Therefore Instagram creators need to make changes to the appearance of Instagram stickers that are more unique and attractive.

For example, using an Instagram sticker title that is unique and invites curiosity, so that it makes the audience interested in clicking on the link. Apart from that, you can also attract the interest of the audience by providing an Instagram story background display that is relevant to the contents of the link.

So after the audience reads about the advantages of the product, they are more interested in buying it.

2. Create and Follow Trending Instagram Reels

Instagram reels content not only provides a variety of content according to the interests and topics of its users, but you can also find various trending Instagram reels that are currently on the rise.

Using trending Instagram reels as content ideas can also help improve your content for increased viewership and better engagement. That way you can get even more Instagram followers, besides using the Insta followers Pro, a legit follower app, of course.

This of course will help you to increase the number of followers who are interested in each piece of content you have. Even so, you also need to find out the various trending Instagram reels that are on the rise and are liked by Instagram users.

You can start by taking the time to open the Instagram reels column and see various content created by many Instagram users. If the content has a large number of viewers and interactions, then it has the opportunity to become the next trend for Instagram reels.


Instagram also usually provides trending ideas for Instagram reels that are on the rise lately through special notifications, so you can use them to find out the current trends. In the process of searching for trending Instagram content that is on the rise, you can’t only look for them on Instagram, but through other social media platforms.

Combine these platforms to create unique ideas for your content. Good luck!

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