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JavaScript Development: Best Practices for Building Powerful Web Applications in 2023

JavaScript Development

Web development trends change from time to time. Similarly, web development practices are updated with time. Developers get themselves familiarized with them to build great web applications. So, in this blog we have listed the best practices for web development that every JavaScript developer should follow.

Choosing a tech stack

Selection between different tech stacks can become difficult because there are too many to choose from. The selection is not a hard choice if you know what tech stack and which programming language offers what specific features. If you do not know yourself, hire JS developers who do!

Eye-catching designs

To attract users and to retain them on your website, the first step is exceptionally brilliant design. Easy to navigate and pleasant to look at websites will attract and keep users on the website. Great design and good typography is appreciated by everyone.

Provide great UX

Unique design is to attract but to attract users you have to hire JavaScript developers who can build great UX. Retaining users revolves around user satisfaction and an easy to navigate website.

Speed and performance

The second step to retain users on the website is speed and performance. More than 30% of users leave the website within the first 30 seconds if the page takes more than 3 seconds to load. Less than three second load time has become a standard for web pages, so anything above that is considered a red flag. So, optimizing the website to increase the speed, load time, and website’s performance is worth it.

Build scalable apps 

Scalability has become one of the most important factors in recent years. With an increase in user per second visit 90% of the websites need to be scaled, it can either be vertical or horizontal. Again, for this purpose to hire JS developers who know how to build highly scalable apps is worth spending time and money on.

Keep the website responsive

Designing and building responsive websites and web apps has become the necessity of the time. Today, mobile users are spread over the spectrum of android, iOS, tablet, and little portion is occupied by laptop and desktop users. To make your app perform and give similar performance across devices and OS building responsive websites is very important.

Use a robust CMS

Websites need updates and managing content on it regularly. This is where CMS comes into play, because they are great at maintaining the website. However, be sure to build robust CMS to efficiently edit, update, and alter the to increase the efficiency of your website.

Ensure security

Writing robust code is as important as the design of a website. Protection from foreign threats and hacks is important not only for your application but also to protect your users and keep their data safe. Follow the trends and implement solutions like data encryption, validation control, access control etc.

Code readability

Often overlooked factor in programming is code readability. Readable code will not only let other developers read the code, but also help find and fix the code easily. Writing code in a constant pattern with proper commenting is one of the processes to make the code readable.


There can be other factors that help in building powerful web applications, and you should definitely not stop with the tips mentioned above.

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