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Laser Dentistry in Greater Noida by Floss Dental

Laser Dentistry is an innovative dental treatment that alleviates pain, discomfort and healing time while producing impressive results.

Floss Dental boasts a team of dentists who can perform any oral treatments without causing you any discomfort. Their range of affordable and effective options for Teeth Whitening include the latest technology.

Floss Dental

Laser Dentistry in Greater Noida by Floss Dental offers patients a selection of laser treatment options. These treatments utilize light-based technologies to perform various procedures safely and effectively.

During the procedure, an instrument creates a focused beam of light which selectively alters or removes tissue in small amounts. This minimally invasive method is ideal for gum surgery, cavity treatment, and teeth whitening.

At Floss Dental, dentists understand that exposure to certain wavelengths or power levels can damage tissues. Therefore, they take extra steps to safeguard your safety during each procedure.

The clinic is renowned for offering superior oral care, such as Teeth Whitening in Noida and other services. Their team of specialists are knowledgeable about various types of dental health treatments and guarantee all patients a positive experience following each procedure.

Dr. Deepti Goel

Dr. Deepti Goel is an esteemed doctor at Floss Dental Clinic located at Noida sector 104. His expertise lies in treating both major and minor dental diseases.

He provides a range of services such as abnormal tooth color treatment, braces treatment, partial dentures fixing and dental abrasion treatment.

He not only treats major and minor dental diseases, but specializes in cosmetic dentistry as well. With more than two decades of experience working in this field, Dr. DeRisi has extensive expertise to draw upon.

He has treated the highest number of cases with Invisalign in India and serves as a Trainer for Invisalign in the country. Additionally, he conducts study groups across the country about Invisalign. With multiple awards to his name, he is proud to be India’s only Platinum Elite Invisalign Provider 2018.

Dr. Nilofer Hossain

Dr. Nilofer Hossain is a well-known dentist in Gautam Buddha Nagar with 13 years of experience. Her specialisations include acrylic partial denture fitting, crowns and bridges fixing, artificial teeth placement, BPS dentures fixing, cast partial denture fabrication as well as conservative dentistry practices.

She has earned a number of accolades and awards. Some of her accomplishments include:

Her clinic, Floss Dental in Greater Noida offers painless dentistry procedures such as Laser Dentistry. Furthermore, it offers cosmetic dentistry solutions like teeth whitening, veneers, bonding and more for added convenience.

The clinic boasts a team of experienced and skilled dentists who strive to give you the highest quality care. Their dedication to patient satisfaction means they will go above and beyond for your dental health needs.

She has been certified by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and is a member of the Indian Society of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry. Additionally, her other qualifications include:

Dr. D K Singh

Dr. D K Singh is a highly qualified and experienced dermatologist who practices at Gurukripa clinic in Greater Noida West. With 20 years of expertise under his belt, he has amassed an impressive portfolio.

He is a well-known doctor in Gautam Buddha Nagar, having worked at multiple hospitals.

As a skin specialist, he offers services like derma rollers treatment, hair fall treatment, pimple treatment and scar treatment. He is widely regarded as the best dermatologist in Gorakhpur and enjoys an enviable reputation among his patients.

He is renowned for his expertise in crowns and bridges fixing, impaction / impacted tooth extraction, artificial teeth, cosmetic/esthetic dentistry and conservative dentistry. He has collaborated with numerous prestigious dental hospitals.

Dr. Sunali Joshi Kashyap

Dental issues like cavities and bad breath can be a real pain in the neck for anyone, so it’s essential to take proper care of one’s teeth as soon as possible to avoid further issues.

Dr. Sunali Joshi Kashyap earned her BDS from BHARATI VIDYAPEETH’S DENTAL COLLEGE &HOSPITAL PUNE in 1993, making her one of the top dentists in Noida today.

She has extensive experience working with several renowned hospitals and clinics in the city. Her dental procedures and services range from Dental Implants, Cosmetic Dentistry, Partial/ Complete Dentures Fixing, Crowns & Bridges Fixing, Impaction/ Impacted Tooth Extraction to Flap Surgery – just to name a few!

She strives to give patients the most up-to-date procedures and practices at her clinic, with an emphasis on ethical dentistry that is reflected in every member of her team. With special expertise, she assists veterans, serving personnel, as well as children with special needs.

Dr. Latika Mathur

Dr. Latika Mathur is a Dentist from Kanpur, India with over 16 years of experience. She graduated from Career Institute of Dental Sciences Hospital, Lucknow in 2007.

She is currently practicing dentistry at Floss Dental and affiliated with several hospitals in the area. Additionally, she has undergone Laser Dentistry training and certification, making her an expert practitioner.

Her practice is dedicated to providing her patients with the highest quality dental care. She offers comprehensive dental treatment and will work together with you to find the best solution for your individual needs.

She has over 16 years of clinical experience and possesses expertise in the areas of Dental Implants, Cosmetic Dentistry, Ortho Root Canal and Dental Crown & Bridges. Furthermore, she is an active member of the American Dental Association. Dr. Kountz enjoys treating all types of dental issues and helping people smile again. A compassionate doctor who will listen carefully to your concerns before providing you with quality treatment options, she strives to ensure you get exactly what you need.

Dr. Anurag Ahuja

Dr. Anurag Ahuja, a specialist in Laser Dentistry, is renowned for his skill and meticulous attention to detail. He has worked at several reputable hospitals and boasts more than 10 years of experience in this field.

He offers a wide range of services to his patients. He uses laser treatment for gum problems and teeth whitening, plus he treats rashes, acne and other conditions.

His clinic is conveniently situated in Greater Noida – book an appointment with him today!

Dr. Anurag Ahuja is a physician with expertise in several fields, such as internal medicine and dermatology.

Dr. Sandhya R. Verma

Laser Dentistry in Greater Noida by Floss Dental offers world class treatment from a dentist with MDS (Prosthodontics) and DNB (Obstetrics & Gynecology) qualifications. She is an experienced Prosthodontist with 19 years of expertise in this field of Dentistry.

She specializes in Acrylic Partial Dentures, Crowns and Bridges Fixing, Artificial Teeth and Conservative Dentistry. Her mission is to provide her patients with a stress-free atmosphere to help alleviate their fears.

Lasers are an incredibly versatile dental tool with numerous uses in both hard and soft tissue areas. First introduced in 1960 by Mieman, laser applications in dentistry have grown exponentially since then and currently cover a variety of procedures such as caries prevention, bleaching, restorative removal/curing, cavity preparation/dentinal hypersensitivity treatment/growth modulation therapy/photodynamic therapy treatment of herpetic lesions etc. thanks to the wide range of wavelengths available they can be tailored for specific purposes.

Dr. Shweta Sapra

Dentists are specialists who treat dental problems, oral care and the prevention of diseases related to teeth, jaws, gums and mouth. There are various types of dentists such as generalists, prosthodontists and orthodontics.

Dr. Shweta Sapra is a dentist practicing in Noida, India. She holds an MD by training and earned her Fellow of Academy of General Education (FAGE) from Manipal College of Dental Sciences, Mangalore.

She is a member of the Indian Dental Association and boasts extensive expertise in this field of dentistry.

She provides services in Gum Disease Treatment/Surgery, Scaling/Polishing and Smile Makeovers. You can book an appointment through Practo for either an in-clinic visit or video consultation; additionally you can read detailed patient reviews on Practo.

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