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Level Up Your Makeup Game With Makeup Spray Hacks

It’s time for the finishing touch after you’ve spent hours perfecting your eyes, face, and lips. This last step—setting spray—is essential. Just a few spritzes of a long-wearing makeup setting spray before you leave the house will keep your makeup in place and prevent it from creasing or smudging throughout the day. But a makeup fixer is for more than just extending the wear of your foundation; it has a wide range of applications. Let’s look into the various uses for makeup spray.

Raised brows

It’s frustrating when your neatly filled-in eyebrows don’t hold their form throughout the day. Makeup setting spray can be used as a handy hack by spraying some onto a spoolie and using it to brush your eyebrows. This will keep them neat and give your eyebrows a full, healthy appearance.If you don’t want your eyeshadow to crease, spray your flat brush with setting spray before using it to apply your shadow.

Make your eyeshadow stand out

It’s a shame when your eyeshadow crumbles all over your face when you’re doing a dramatic or detailed eye look. You may then apply additional eyeshadow to your lids and build up the color more easily. If you follow this method, your eyeshadow won’t crease either. This tip for using setting spray is particularly useful when you want to get a colorful eye look or the ideal smoky eye.

Use it as primer 

Primers are often used after moisturizers and sunscreen have been applied. However, if you forget your primer, a makeup spray will save the day. After applying your moisturizer and sunscreen, but before your foundation, spritz on a few pumps of your setting spray. In addition to helping your makeup stay put, this also extends how long it lasts.

DIY your eyeliner

Black eyeliner is an eternal beauty staple. However, there are occasions when enhanced eye makeup is desired. Make your eyelids stand out by using a brightly colored eyeliner. Using this easy trick, you can make your own eyeliner in whatever color you choose out of setting spray. Spray some makeup fixer onto your gel eyeliner brush. Use a lot of eyeshadow on this brush. The brush’s bristles will absorb the colorant and allow you to draw precise lines. It’s a smart technique to stretch the usefulness of your setting spray in makeup, particularly if you’re going on a trip and don’t want to take too much with you.

Refresh your makeup

You can’t bring your complete makeup bag with you on a lengthy trip. However, makeup tends to dissolve in the heat and perspiration. Here’s how a makeup setting spray may save you from the perils of creasing makeup. Before spraying your face with makeup fixer, use a cosmetic blender to smooth out any fine lines. This is an excellent method for ensuring that your makeup remains in place and looks great throughout the day. Under-eye wrinkles may be concealed with a setting spray.

Make your highlighter pop

The use of a shimmering highlighter will make your facial makeup seem more dramatic and eye-catching. Applying makeup spray after applying highlighter will increase the product’s shine and longevity. Before you dip your highlighter brush into your pan, spray it with a cosmetic setting spray. This will make your highlighter seem even more luminous and wet, giving you the ultimate wet-look glow.

Prevent your mask from smudging your makeup

Last but not least, we had to add the most obvious use for a  dewy setting spray. With the help of a setting spray, your makeup might stay looking perfect for up to 6 hours. That way, your mask won’t be ruined if you accidentally spill anything on it. Makeup that has been set with a setting spray stays in place and maintains its fresh appearance for a longer period of time. Here’s a little trick you can do to make your makeup last even longer: setting spray. You should use powder to set your makeup after you’ve applied your foundation, concealer, contour, blush, and highlighter. Spray your whole face with makeup fixer before you begin applying eye makeup. This will set your makeup and give you an airbrushed appearance.

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