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Many Soldier Rebel Classes From the Star Wars Universe

This page will discuss all the many categories of Soldier Rebel in the Star Wars Rebel Alliance.

Normal Rebel Soldiers

The ordinary Rebel Soldier, sometimes referred to as a shock trooper or simply a Rebel Soldier, comes first. They were the heart and soul of the Alliance force, and they were made up exclusively of volunteers. Often working in teams, rebel warriors fought the empire mostly through guerrilla tactics.

Rebel troops were not outfitted with a common uniform due to the low finances of the Rebel Alliance. Instead, they donned whatever was available and most appropriate for the terrain they were fighting on.

The most recognizable appearance of these soldiers was when they were donning long white helmets and black vests during the Battle of Tantive IV. According to the surroundings, different uniforms were worn.

These consist of the garments sported on Sullust, Tatooine, Hoth, and Endor. Although the rebels’ clothing offered much less protection than stormtrooper armor, it did give them superior mobility and the ability to blend in with the surroundings. The A280 blaster rifle was the standard issue for rebel warriors.

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Rebel Assault Troops

The Rebel Assault Troopers are next. Both large-scale attacks and sieges by rebels employed them. They donned specialized battle gear, including a helmet and full-face visor.

Compared to what typical rebel soldiers would wear, it offered them more protection. Rebel Desert Troopers, who were assigned to guard the Rebel base on the planet Corellia, furthermore wore this armor. Similar names to tieflings appear in these characters.

The third group is the rebel honor guards. They were primarily utilized ceremonially, as in the closing scene of A New Hope at the prize ceremony. The same long, white helmets that certain Rebel Soldiers wore were also worn by them, along with a button-down jacket.

The Tauntaun Troopers

Soldier Rebel
The Tauntaun Troopers are fourth in line. They mostly served as scouts and taught to ride Tauntauns. Their flamethrowers allowed them to deployed on cold planets.

renegade marksman
The fifth group, also known as rebel sharpshooters, are the Rebel Marksman. They employed to harass the enemy from a distance while carrying the E-17d sniper rifle. Rebel marksmen made up a sizable portion of the population.

The sixth group is the rebel marines, also referred to as alliance fleet troops. They had to stop enemy boarding parties from attacking insurgent ships. They dressed in outfits that were very identical to those of the rebel soldiers stationed on Tantive IV. During the Imperial boarding of Tantive IV, there was at least one Rebel Marine.

The seventh group is the Rebel Pilots. They piloted light freighters, airspeeders, and rebel starfighters. Rebel pilots were exceedingly dangerous in battle even though most of them had little formal training; they made up for it with sheer experience and tenacity.

On the breast of their orange flight suits, which were the norm for them, was a box for life support. Also, each of them donned a helmet with a visor that had a target-specific computer projection.

renegade Bantha Riders

Rebel Bantha Riders come in at number eight. They attacked enemy fortifications by riding on top of Banthas.

the insurgent prison guards
The rebel prison guards come in at number nine. On the planet Corellia, they were in charge of watching after the prison. In addition to helmets resembling those worn by Mandalorians, they donned complete body armor.

Heavy Soldier Rebels

The Rebel Heavy Soldiers make up the tenth group. Light armor and blaster guns were among their weapons. Everything in their way destroyed by them.

rebel soldiers with jetpacks
Troops with jetpacks from the Rebellion are number eleven. They equipped with distinctive jetpacks that let them hover in the air and launch aerial assaults on their adversaries.

The Rebel Sea Commandos comprise the twelfth group. Both their ability to operate maritime vessels and engage in aquatic combat  trained.

Watchers of the Alliance

Soldier Rebel

Alliance Observers rank as the thirteenth. They had the duty to see that the rebel mercenaries known as Rebel Privateers stayed in line and carried out their assignments.

insurgent rebels
The rebel infiltrators make up group number fourteen. They served as a means of controlling and severing Imperial armored vehicles, particularly walkers. In addition to having jetpacks, they wore all-black combat suits.

Missile-firing Rebel Soldiers
Rebel Missile Troopers come in at number 15.

They were clad in blue military armor and had missile launchers. Armored Missile Troopers were a different type of trooper that had two missile launchers.

Rebel Mortar soldiers

Rebel Mortar troopers make up the sixteenth group. They placed behind the lines of battle, trained in mortar combat, and ready to quickly and effectively engage the opposition.

Rebel Sith Hunters

Rebel Sith Hunters make up the sixteenth. We can presume that they trained to combat dark Jedi and Sith even if it is unclear exactly what they performed. The following group of rebel soldiers are members of the Specforce, or special forces, of the Soldier Rebel.

In comparison to the standard rebel warriors, Specforce troopers had exceptional abilities and  outfitted with more sophisticated weapons. The SpecForce Marines are first. They  trained for combat in zero gravity and  accustomed to battling on starships and space stations.

Depending on the surroundings, they wore either light armor or armored spacesuits. The Pathfinders are next. Both stealth missions and surveillance operations employed them.

In most cases, they carried out their missions behind enemy lines and inserted by parachuting to their objective. They had minimal armor and were quite maneuverable. The Urban Guerrillas, also referred to as the Specforce Guerrillas, Soldier Rebel come in third.

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