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Myths Busted! The false Concepts of and around Solar Panels

Looking at alternative methods of energy generation has become the need of the hour. Renewable sources of energy are, gradually, depleting. It becomes the duty of every individual to contribute to the drive for energy conservation. Solar energy has been seen as a common resolution in this light. But, owing to the rumors that are spread around about solar energy makes many people reluctant of switching to the same. In this write-up, we are going to bust those myths that are generated about solar power. 

Every solar power company into being is making an effort in the direction of providing alternative energy solutions that are affordable and cost-effective. Every individual can help promote its usage by understanding the false concepts built about solar panels, and unveiling them to the masses. Here are the most popular myths about solar panels and solar energy. 

Myth #1 – Solar Energy is not affordable since solar panels are very expensive. 

To analyze this myth, one has to check through the data that has seen an increase in the number of people who have switched to solar energy, lately. Increasing investment in solar energy is due to it being an affordable source of energy. 

Buying solar panels and their installation is the initial investment that may sound daunting. However, the reduction that you will observe in your energy bills is totally worth it. 

Myth #2 – Solar panels stop working in cloudy or rainy weather. 

The sun’s rays are the primary power source utilizing which the panels make the energy. Since solar energy is present on cloudy days as well, the solar panel would definitely work. 

The solar panels, however, may not work as effectively as they do on a hot day. Yet, this does not impact the resolution of solar panel installation. You can find a solar energy company that is engaged in designing solar panels that are equally efficient in cloudy weather as well. 

Myth #3 – Solar panels require heavy maintenance. 

Since the prices of panels may appear high to some people, they think that the maintenance would, definitely, be an expensive deal. 

This is not even near the truth. If the solar panels are connected to an apt utility grid, the maintenance of panels becomes way too easy. Even in general, the maintenance of panels is not a heavy task at all. 

Myth #4: Traditional sources of generating energy, like coal, are better than solar energy.  

Traditionally, coal has been used to generate electricity. However, it is not a clean form of energy as the burning of coal produces atmospheric pollution. Thus, it becomes a threat to the environment all over the world. 

On the other hand, solar energy is a greener form of energy that does not create harmful emissions. Therefore, switching to solar energy is equivalent to participating in the green drive for mitigating climate change. 

Myth #5: Solar energy becomes useless during power cut-offs. 

The proof that lacks in this theory is the support of solar batteries and solar inverters. Like other power inverters, solar inverter works along with solar batteries. The excess electricity that is generated is stored in the batteries. 

Whenever there is a power cut, the inverter powers up the equipment in your home by utilizing the stored energy in the batteries. Thus, there is no fear of power failures when you use solar panels. 

Myth #6: Solar panels destroy your roof flooring. 

Solar panels are properly placed on your roof by experts. They, actually, create a covering on your roof that protects it from any sort of damage. Also, the panels do not cause any problems when they are removed, carefully. 

Conclusive Remarks

Here, we have busted the most common myths about and around solar panels.

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