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Reduce It for Better Kushal Dev Rathi

We are on the point of making our future generations suffer for the devastation that will befall them if we do not grasp climate change now. When it comes to climatic concerns, the globe is smashing on a worldwide platform today, and while there are several debates and talks taking place, nothing is functioning on a large scale. While the government and environmentalists are doing their part by becoming nature’s guardians, it is high time that we, as individuals, take up the issue and contribute, however small, to the cause of safeguarding our tiny planet. It is no surprise that the garbage we generate daily ends up in the trash and is the primary cause of environmental destruction. Managing the issue is the wise way to get out of it. Kushal Dev Rathi

It is no wonder that the waste that we produce daily ends up in the trash and is the prime reason for our environmental degradation. The best way to come over the situation is to manage it.

The greatest method to manage trash is to prevent it from occurring in the first place. Though you are not required to cease purchasing what you require, you should be more careful in how you purchase items. When we buy items, especially ones we don’t need, we produce unnecessary rubbish, which doesn’t always get recycled and ends up harming the environment. When we buy less, the demand for those items falls, and as a result, less energy is utilized and squandered.

See, I’m not suggesting that you limit yourself to what you need; rather suggesting that you must recognize what you don’t need and live with the motto of sustainability. Just remember that it was ourselves and the behaviors that got us here, and it is only we who can improve the situation. Kushal Dev Rathi


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