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Sequential Order of MS Word Steps to Create Online Assignments!

Gone are the days when students used to create handwritten assignments. In this era of digitalization and technological advancement, every academic task has shifted to online mediums, including assignments. There are plenty of software on which scholars work, and one of them is MS Word. Many pupils have a basic understanding of the application, but when it comes to working on academic tasks, it is crucial to have an in-depth understanding. There should be no scope for errors when students submit academic work, and to reduce them to a greater extent, seeking assignment help online is the best solution. Nevertheless, besides that, you can create or frame your project independently; the upcoming section talks in detail about the step-by-step process.

Step-by-Step Process to Submit Exemplary Assignments!

MS Word is an easy application to use to express your viewpoints and opinions on paper. But there are some technicalities you should consider before you submit the final paper to the professor. Here is an insight into them.

Setting the Layout of the Page

Before you begin working on an academic task, it is critical to set the page layout for a better option. It consists of options such as margins, orientation, text direction, colours, fonts, themes, and page borders that you can use according to your convenience and requirements. It is easy to set the layout by clicking the page layout tab in the toolbar section.

Inserting Section Breaks, Page Breaks, and Page Numbers

Assignments are usually divided into two sections. Section one contains the title, abstract, and table of contents; on the other hand, section two contains the other portion of your assignment. It is essential to insert a break between two sections or pages. The first step is to create a section break, which can be done by positioning your cursor at the end of the table of contents. After that, you need to open the page layout tab, click on break, and then on section break. The last step is to click on the next page, and voila, your assignment gets broken into two parts.

Add Page Numbers

Adding a page number is not a complex procedure. All you have to do is click on the insert tab and select the page number in the header and footer sections.

Setting Your Assignment as One Document

Your work should be a single document, from the title to the reference section. It is simple to make one record. Remember to include all necessary details. Copy and paste the final content so that there is no problem with formatting.

1. Insert Table of Content

Move your cursor after the table of contents section. Set the heading to either 1 or 2, and then click OK. If you want to update it, right-click, and you will be almost done. If you are someone facing an issue with the insertion of the table of content, seeking assignment help UK can be the best solution.

2. Title Page

Setting the font and details of the title section is necessary for a flawless paper. Set the title to Arial and add 28 points for the title. Change the number to 18 and keep the font Arial for the assignment. For other little details, set the font to Times New Roman and keep it left justified.

3. Word Count

Showcasing the document’s word count is essential to let the professor know how many guidelines you have followed. It is imperative to show the word count properly to get the scores and grades. The correct method is to place the cursor in the introduction section and drag it to the end of the conclusion. After that, click on the word count option in the review section of the toolbar, and you will get to know the total word count of your assignment.

4. Spelling and Grammar Check

It is crucial to keep an eye on spelling and typos before you submit the printed copy to your professor. Run your entire paper by setting the language preference according to the country type and clicking on spelling and grammar in the tools section. It will let you know the minor errors, thus saving your reputation in front of the professor.

Whether you are submitting an academic project online or offline, it should be correct to follow university guidelines and norms. Submitting an error-free document reveals that you are a sincere and disciplined child. You might try to cross-check every detail, but sometimes, despite your best efforts, a minor mistake persists. To avoid such a risk, it is better to seek paper help and assignment help online. Experts not only guide you through the software but teach you brilliant tips and tricks to make your academic task more effective and distinguishable from others. Do not waste any time seeking assistance from experts in their field.

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