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The Best Female Fitness Youtubers to Train with the Help of Professionals

Get to know the best virtual trainers so you can start including fitness in your daily life.

  1. Malova Elena

This healthy life coach has the complete package to immerse yourself in the world of fitness. Her channel is known mainly for its intensive yoga classes, which have routines for beginners, to lose weight and tone up. She also has cardio and Pilates routines, ranging from beginner to advanced level, so you have plenty of options to try.

As an additional plus, it has a healthy eating channel, where it offers balanced, nutritious and low-calorie recipes, ideal to accompany exercise routines and obtain greater physical benefits.

  1. Dance Fitness with Jessica

If you want to practice a more entertaining and fun physical activity but with the same effects of a long gym session, then you’ll love the Dance Fitness with Jessica channel. And it is that their routines are based on dynamic and demanding choreographies that will make your whole body work.

Jessica Knoxville shows us that to get in shape and start having a healthy lifestyle, it is not necessary to go through an ordeal with machines or spend all day in a gym, but we can achieve it with something as simple as dancing. Don’t you think it’s an excellent alternative?

  1. Virtual gym

One of the you tubers and influencers in the world of healthy lifestyle and beauty, Patry Jordan, has an incredible YouTube channel that offers cardio and aerobic exercise routines without the need to use machines or equipment. She has more than 600 varied exercise routines, between full-body training and work in a specific area, ranging from short 10-minute routines to longer than 45 minutes.

It also teaches us to create a training plan, to include exercise in our busy daily life.

  1. Fitness addict

This is a fun, entertaining and very informative channel, shared by two friends who are serious about transforming a sedentary lifestyle into a fitness life. Fabio Vallejo and Esteban Nicola arrive with dynamic activities, cardio routines, aerobic exercises, deadlifts, and tips to maintain your ideal weight, lose weight, and gain muscle mass.

Of course, get ready because these workouts are extremely strong and you need dedication to comply with them. But yes, the results you will get in a short time will be worth it.

  1. Train with Sergio Peinado

Bachelor of health and sports sciences, personal trainer and guru of good nutrition. If you want to focus on losing weight or gaining muscle, this is the ideal channel for you. Segio Peinado not only offers you the best routines to focus on that part of the body that you want to work on, but also gives us essential nutrition tips to achieve your goal quickly and lastingly.

It also has a section where it refutes or confirms myths about diets, exercises and beliefs related to fitness, routines for the home, and tips for training in the gym, transformations of real people and motivating words with a touch of humor that is irresistible.

  1. Cesar James

Another great alternative in the fitness world are Zumba classes, where we can burn thousands of calories by combining moving choreographies and some physical movements, combining cardio and aerobic exercise with dancing. Cesar James’s channel offers you the opportunity to learn to dance and get fit from scratch.

And it is that it has simple but demanding routines for beginners and it increases until it becomes more advanced while you follow the rhythm of the songs that are in fashion.

  1. Sascha fitness TV

One of the most recognized and respected fit girls in the virtual world, Sascha Barboza, shares her beauty and physical care secrets with us, along with healthy and delicious recipes that you can make daily. She teaches us the importance of mixing a balanced meal with the results of the exercise, but above all to be consistent in what we do and keep in mind the idea of why we do it.

Her mission on her YouTube channel is to win us over to make fitness a daily habit that we enjoy and consider our lifestyle. So that you will not only find simple and intense routines that suit your needs, but you will also learn how to include them in your routine.

  1. The Titan

Juan Pedro Espadas is a highly extroverted and controversial you tuber from the fitness world, as he is not afraid to show off his well-worked body anywhere, even in public libraries. This is

Done with the purpose of expressing to the world that it is possible to achieve the results that we desire with perseverance and commitment, in addition to, of course, a good exercise routine and a correct eating plan.

In addition to being a you tuber, he has a degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences and a personal trainer, so you will know that his routines are totally effective. He always keeps us motivated with his challenges and his advice to keep improving.

  1. Vikikafitness

Spanish fitness specialist, healthy lifestyle guru and virtual trainer with international recognition, not only for her YouTube channel but also for her incredible fitness cooking blog Fit Food Market. Veronica Costa, who you can also know as Vikki fitness, shows us the right diet for each type of physical routine that we want to try.

So that we can have the correct and balanced diets that enhance each exercise routine (be it cardio, yoga, sports training…) to gain performance, muscle mass or to recover your weight.

  1. Bloviates

Casey Ho is an American you tuber from the fitness world who brings us the best celebrity routines to have an incredibly slim and healthy body like theirs, but with the ease of doing it at home. Her channel is mostly recognized for her short but very intense Pilate’s classes that will make your body work to burn calories, eliminate fat and tone up.

It also offers very useful tips for practicing Pilates correctly, correcting common mistakes we make and some healthy recipes to add to our daily diet.

As you can see, the world of virtual fitness has a large repertoire of routines and levels so that you can start and become an expert in a healthy lifestyle.


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