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Things to Know Before Buying Amethyst Jewellery

Amethyst, adored as the “February Birth Stone”, is one the most valuable and beautiful gemstones in the world. Ranging from transparent blue to green, and purple quartz, it symbolizes power, courage and strength.

Due to its majestic beauty and top-notch quality, Amethyst Jewellery is considered one of the most valuable Gemstone Jewellery and gives its wearer, a sense of pride and dignity when adorned either as an amethyst necklace at a royal party or any other ornament made out of amethyst.

What is Amethyst?

A lilac variety of quartz, this valuable gemstone has derived its name from the ancient Greek epithet “amethystos”, a phrase used in the context of “not intoxicating”.

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Although amethyst is comparatively plentiful in occurrence, its high quality has always been a driving force for its insane demand and value in the wholesale jewellery market.

The amethyst market collection is commendable indeed, ranging from amethyst rings, amethyst pendants, amethyst bracelets, amethyst necklaces as well as amethyst earrings.

Big-size amethyst earrings and pendants will add an instant grace to your jewellery collection, and your aesthetics.

Its usage for personal adornment as well as for its miraculous healing properties goes back almost 2000 years ago. As of now, it is available in various forms, most noticeable in the market amongst all are

  • Purple amethyst

  • Cape amethyst

  • Pink amethyst

  • Prasiolite

  • Ametrine

The most recent form of amethyst jewellery launched in the market is synthetic amethyst.

Amethyst Ring
Amethyst Ring

Well, if you are about to invest in amethyst jewellery, (yes, an investment indeed!), whether those glittering Amethyst Gemstone Ring, those luminous and shining amethyst pendants or amethyst earrings, you should be aware of a few basic things to keep in mind while buying amethyst jewellery.

Let’s delve into all of them to make your shopping experience less hectic, and worthwhile!

How To Spot Real Amethyst Jewellery?

Beware of scammers while looking for the most stunning amethyst rings… amethyst bracelets or any of your favourite amethyst ornaments.

Here is a short and detailed guide to help you pick the authentic amethyst in the market:

  • Colour Grading

Authentic amethyst will always have colour zoning. In simple words, it would be having a mix of a couple of colours and shades on its surface. However, the primary shade will be always purple. In some exceptional cases, amethyst stones can be quite dark as a wine shaded red or black or they can be quite pale as lavender with shades of white and blue on the top.

Contrary to it, fake amethyst would be one-block colour without any hue of purple or violet.

  • Clarity

Most jewellery gemstones available in the market usually have bubbles and some areas of discolouration beneath their surface. But mind it, this is not the obvious case for amethyst.


In most amethyst jewellery, they will always have threads beneath their surface and not bubbles.

Next time, while buying that alluring amethyst ring, make sure to look at the bottom surface of the stone through a magnifying glass to spot whether it has bubbles and discolouration or threads.

  • Price factor

Due to this plentiful availability and occurrence, amethyst is comparatively way more affordable than other gemstones in the market. But it doesn’t mean that they are cheap and you will get them at the price of groceries.

Be it an amethyst bracelet or a pendant, the average price per caret is always more than $20, not less than that. For some valuable ornaments, like an amethyst necklace, the average can surge to $30 per caret.

  • Imperfections

Alike all gemstones, amethyst jewellery stones also have imperfections and inconsistencies on their surface.

As far as colour grading is concerned, real amethyst will have tons of scattered shades of violet, blue and white, besides the primary shade of purple. Also, some slight wear and tear cuts will be visible on the surface.

  • Cut

Don’t get suspicious if you get to see amethyst being available in a plethora of shapes like heart, round, pear shapes, etc. Such variations are quite common as amethyst is an easy-to-cut, soft gemstone. In case you are figuring out to buy a round shape amethyst, just watch its surface thoroughly through a magnifying glass to ensure that the colour grading and other factors are in the favour of authenticity.

What are the Benefits of Wearing Amethyst Jewellery?

    • Healing Properties and Protection

This miraculous and exquisite stone is blessed by nature with some divine healing powers. Many astrologers highly recommend putting an amethyst ring on the index finger to heal from issues like anxiety disorder, depression and heartbreak.

Besides, it also acts as a shield against unwanted negativity in the environment.

  • Enhance Purity and Intuition

Putting an amethyst stone in your home or office emanates serenity and positivity in the environment and creates a blissful aura in-n-around.

Wearing Amethyst Gemstone Jewelry also helps the wearer to unleash his untapped mental powers and intuition.

  • Promotes Hormonal Balance

By boosting the performance of the endocrine system, amethyst leads to a proper hormonal balance in the body.

If your body is undergoing hormonal issues like painful breasts, disrupted menstrual cycles and frequent migraine attacks, then wearing a positively charged amethyst bracelet or pendant can provide you long-lasting relief from such issues linked with improper hormonal imbalance.

  • Reduce Headaches

Two potent culprits that cause intense headaches nowadays are stress and mental fatigue. Amethyst channelizes the entire energy of the mind to originate peace and calmness. It offers relief from headaches and mental stress.

  • Helps with Weight Loss

By properly regulating, and improving the performance of the endocrine system (which stimulates better hormonal balance), amethyst can also assist you in your weight loss journey.

Next time, flaunt those magical amethyst earrings or bracelets even while working out at the gym!


Immense beauty with great value at the most affordable prices”

Amethyst jewellery comes with the above-quoted benefits, besides being a natural healer, a strong shield against negativity and a stress reliever.

Being completely informed about the dos and don’ts to check out while buying amethyst, this gemstone that was once cherished as the “Queen of Jewells”, would be worth every penny that you will spend to add it to your jewellery collection.

Happy Shopping!

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