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Things You Must Know about Call Center Tracking System Software

Must Know about Call Center Tracking System Software

Before the 1990s, call centers and customer-facing companies had no means to track the total number of calls received and dialed. The manual timing of calls to customer service departments was a time-consuming and inefficient process. Moreover, managers and supervisors were required to record every call’s outcomes manually.

But the advent of the first version of call center tracking software revolutionized how businesses handled their incoming and outgoing calls. Since then, call center tracking software has evolved a lot and its usage is growing at a rapid pace. By leveraging sophisticated call tracking service software, customer service executives can now automate all repetitive and mundane activities. That enables them to focus on their core tasks only.

From being a primitive system that merely handled and tracked incoming and outgoing calls to transforming into its sophisticated avatar, call center tracking software has indeed come a long way. As per call center benchmark statistics released in 2019, the worldwide call center tracking software market was expected to reach $35.3 billion by 2023.

This blog post discusses key things about call center tracking software including the types, benefits, and how to find the right call center tracking software for your business.

Types of call center tracking software

When it comes to the setup of call center tracking software, there are two major types:

  • On-premises call center tracking software: In simple words, the call center tracking software is installed locally on a computer’s server. Even though it’s more secure and stable, the investments needed for hardware and maintenance are huge. This type of software isn’t as flexible and scalable as its cloud counterpart, which limits a business’s ability to [[move to different locations.
  • Cloud-hosted call center tracking software: This type of software is hosted in the cloud. It doesn’t need any upfront hardware, setup, installation costs, or maintenance fees. It is extremely flexible and scalable and makes data accessible anywhere, anytime, and any place.


Benefits of investing in call center tracking software

Since its invention, call center tracking software transformed customer service for good. Here are some pros of call center tracking software.

1. Automation of repetitive tasks

One of the biggest advantages of using high-quality and sophisticated call center tracking software is that call center managers, supervisors, and agents can automate a wide range of routine and repetitive tasks. By automating routine daily tasks, agents can focus on enhancing their efficiency and productivity.

2. Increase in agents’ productivity and decision-making

Sophisticated call center tracking software leverages big data analytics, which can enhance agents’ productivity and decision-making. As per stats published by US-based customer service platform Replicant, the use of call center tracking software can lead to a 60 percent rise in productivity and a 36 percent increase in decision-making.

3. Improvement in call quality and customer satisfaction

High-quality call center tracking software provides extremely detailed data on all call outcomes. They also provide valuable insights into agents’ performance. Managers and supervisors can use the data to improve call quality as well as provide better customer service. When call quality improves, it has a direct impact on customer experience and customer satisfaction.

4. Cost-effective

Well, this is not surprising. Advanced call center tracking software, more particularly cloud-based ones, is highly cost-effective. The costs don’t just refer to the actual costs or operations that an average business saves by investing in cutting-edge call center software. The costs also include the opportunity costs as well as time and money that would’ve been wasted in manual efforts. As per various studies, investing in effective call center tracking software can reduce a considerable amount of costs anywhere between 60 to 70 percent.

5. Real-time data analytics

Advanced call center tracking software is equipped with sophisticated data analytics that enables businesses to track and analyze valuable data and insights in real time. Furthermore, they can generate various reports and provide insights into overall business operations. Call center agents can assess customer data and personalize their responses as per customers’ needs and preferences. On the other hand, managers and supervisors can use data and analytics to find out agents’ performance and determine training needs.

6. Wide range of features

Sophisticated call center tracking software is replete with a wide range of state-of-the-art features that enable them to be super resourceful. Some of the features of good quality call center tracking software are:

  • Call recording: This feature enables call centers to record incoming and outgoing calls so that each call can be intensively checked for quality testing as well as used for training purposes.
  • Browser-based: Sophisticated cloud-hosted call center tracking software is browser-based. They don’t need any installation and setup costs and can be used by a majority of browsers.
  • Remote agent: Cloud-hosted call center tracking software enables the customer service team to work across different time zones and handle all incoming and outgoing calls efficiently and seamlessly.
  • WebRTC technology: Some sophisticated call center tracking software is equipped with WebRTC technology that enables secure and real-time communication in browsers through application programming interfaces.
  • SMS and CRM Integrations: Call tracking software can be easily integrated with the existing computer system as well as with several SMS and CRM systems.

7. Easy to use

Advanced call center tracking software is extremely simple and easy to use. They are extremely versatile and have a wide range of functionalities. Furthermore, high-quality software comes with support services, which provide additional training to those who don’t have any knowledge or prior experience in using it.

Tips to select the right call center tracking software for your business

In a competitive market, you won’t face any problem finding a broad array of call center tracking software. But selecting the right one can mean the difference between efficient operations and inept processes in your call center. To help you find the right call center tracking software, we have listed some proven tips.

1. List out the features you want your call center tracking software must have

Before investing in call center tracking software, find out why you want it in the first place. Different organizations and call centers use call center tracking software for different purposes. Determine your purpose and list out the necessary features accordingly. Do you want to use call center tracking software to know your agents’ performance? Or do you need it to enhance your call center’s KPIs? Based on that, you can select the features that can help you achieve your purpose.

2. Find out trustworthy and reputable software providers

When it comes to finding the right call center tracking software providers, spending quality time on research is extremely important. Thanks to the internet, you don’t have to venture out to search for reputable and reliable call center tracking software providers in your area. Instead, you can do that by using some high-intent search terms such as “best call center tracking software,” “top 10 cost-effective call center software,” “best inbound call tracking software in 2023,” or “call tracking software with call center management.”

You will find many results on the first search engine result page. Look out for some listicles compiled by reputable aggregators such as Software Suggest or GetApp. From those sites, you’ll get the names of 10 to 20 software providers at once and you can see their products, prices, and ratings. While doing your research, dig deeper into the products and shortlist the software with all the essential features you need for your call center. Once you find some products that meet your needs, you can proceed to the next step. 

3. Get in touch with select software providers and find out if they can fulfill your needs

After finding a select group of trustworthy call center tracking software providers, contact their team and probe which software can fulfill your needs. Make sure that you tell them everything you need and ask them if they can provide a free trial. Most reputable software providers provide free demos for at least one week. If the software provider hesitates to offer a free trial, contact the next till you find one that provides a free trial. 

4. Introduce the free trial version to your customer service team and collect feedback

Ask your customer service team to use the free trial version and seek their feedback on the software and daily workflow. If you receive favorable feedback and notice considerable improvements in important key performance indicators (KPIs), then the software fulfills all your needs and works fine for you. Once you know that you’ve found the right call center tracking software, purchase it right away.

Finally, it may be concluded

Call center tracking software is extremely useful for handling, tracking, and analyzing customer service calls. If you are looking for reliable call-tracking software, do proper research and select a reputable and trustworthy service provider.

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