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This guide has some special tips & tricks about your custom concentrate boxes production

Brands that sell concentrate products will want to protect these so that they can reach customers in good condition. If you are able to create sturdy concentrate boxes, they can help in transporting your product safely and also letting it remain in a store safely. But, for this you will need to know how to design the box so that it will be the right one for the concentrate product. If you design it well, it can also market your product to the customers who matter most to you.

Below is a guide that gives you some tips on how to make custom concentrate boxes effectively:

Look for good packaging material

When you are looking for the right box for the concentrate, you will see that there are a variety of packaging material options available. You should choose the one which will be perfect for the concentrate so that no harm happens to it. The packaging material should give you the perfect strength box which will store the product in securely. 

Cardboard, corrugated cardboard, or Kraft concentrate packaging boxes are good options. They are strong and can help you get a box that will not break. With these boxes you can pursue customizations therefore allowing you to get packaging that will be perfect.

Correct size box

Measurements need to be taken so that you can make the right size concentrate packaging. The size should be something that you keep in mind because the wrong size box can cause harm to your product. 

For instance if you get a box that is too large, it is possible that the concentrate product will move around in it. This can harm it. You will even be unnecessarily paying more for the extra packaging material that you do not need. A small box may be difficult to open and can also damage the product and annoy the customer. 

Therefore it is better to aim to make the perfect size box that will keep the concentrate in it securely. 

People who want to buy concentrate should notice packaging

If you want to design concentrate boxes right, you should make them attract the people looking for this product. This can help increase sales because you will be trying to get the attention of the people who want to buy what you are selling.

You will have to design the box keeping their details in mind like their age range, gender, geographical location, etc. Kids are not customers for this product therefore the box should not attract them. Adults may be the ones who will mostly be buying it. The packaging design should have a professional and decent look and feel to it. 

Include a brand logo

You will be helping your brand out when you use custom concentrate boxes to increase brand recognition. This will help you let more shoppers know that your company exists and sells concentrate products. If you add the same logo on all of your packaging, you will be aiding shoppers in recognizing the products that your company sells. 

The contact information of your company such as its physical address, phone number, email address, website, etc. is other important details to include on the box. 

Printing methods, colors and images

There are different printing techniques that you can choose from according to how you want to design the box and what your budget is. If you choose the above packaging materials, you can pursue different printing methods on them. For example you can consider lithography, flexography, digital printing, etc. here. 

You must also select the right colors to include on concentrate packaging boxes. Color psychology will help you choose the ones that will have some significance. For example if you wish to show your brand as a classy and high-quality one, you can include the color black on the box. 

Images that you want to add should connect to what you are selling. They should link to the product as this will not confuse people. Images that do not relate to the product will only cause confusion therefore do not add them. 

Information about concentrate

Concentrate packaging should state the details about the product so shoppers can know what it is. You must find out what information to add and include it in a font that will look good and which will not cause any confusion. 

These details should be the ones that will immediately let people know about the concentrate product. Avoid including any that do not relate to it. 

If you carefully design concentrate boxes, they can help you get packaging that will attract your consumer base. The box that is strong will be able to protect the concentrate product allowing it to reach the customer safely. This will give a good impression to shoppers of your brand.

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