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Top 6 Bouquets That Can Go with Any Dress 

A wedding can be as well referred to as a day of colors. One must match the dress and every other compliment that can fit in and add beauty to beauty. The bride is never complete without a bouquet, and nowhere is precision and tact needed as matching a bridal bouquet. With options bombarding us left, right, and center, finding someone stocking bridal bouquets is no big deal. Yet, with ubiquity comes the burden of choice and a greater chance of color clashing or simply are confused about what to choose.  


To avoid being confused with the flooded wedding flower stores, you must have your choices ready before shopping. While some flowers don’t just fit in with every dress or color, some bouquets can go with any dress. Here are the top six bouquets that can go with any dress: 

1. Sweet Petite Bunch 


assorted flowers in white vase

Sweet petite brunch is an elegant bouquet that is multicolored and bold in a unique way. It is a host of beauty, bringing together a rich mix of pink, grey, and festive evergreens, giving it both an aesthetic and enduring appeal. Its rich mix of colors is a ready compliment for any dress and will give a bridal team a recherche request to make your wedding an everlasting memory.  

Sweet petite brunch is one of the top bridal bouquets stocked by flower delivery to buderim and will be delivered to you on the same day by leading florists. By choosing this bouquet, you give yourself the freedom to go for any dress of your taste, which means you can easily accommodate your favorite color.  

2. Poeny 


Poeny is just exceptional like you can feel its name. It is rich pink and collected in a way that commands a second, a third, and even a fourth glance. Peonies come in at least thirty known species making them rich in the options they bring. They stand out with their lush, full, well-rounded bloom and are known for their large, showy blossoms. Peonies embody romance, prosperity, good fortune, and a happy marriage, which is every bride’s dream. With its wide growth in Europe and Asia, peonies are present in every florist shop and will always spare you the disappointment of stock shortage.  

3. Rose Pink 


pink-petaled rose flower

Roses have always been unique and come through for us until some people have lost special recognition for their beauty. While they fit in every human decoration and thirst for beauty, Roses have maintained their appeal in such a way that makes them a classic match for every wedding dress. Rose pink is unique among all the families of Rose flowers in that it matches well with every color.  

It is not hot pink—which would make it so loud and conspicuous—instead, Rose pink is more of a mix of red and white, with only a tiny bit of purple. They are given to those you love, admire, and want to show great appreciation to, making them a perfect fit for a bridal bouquet. 


4. Lilly of The Valley 


Lilly of The Valley is exceptional and would give your wedding a royal taste and look. Also known as Convallaria majalis, it is well known for its delicate bells and beautiful sweet scent, and it’s also the late Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite flower. 

Lily of the Valley grows fast and is a perennial flower (available throughout the year), making it available to color your wedding any time of the year. Their white petals seem to shout, “come when you may; we will always be there for you.” Beyond England, it’s the national flower of Finland, and in France, on 1st May for La Fête du Muguet, lily of the valleys are gifted to loved ones. A bouquet of Convallaria majalis will look good with any dress color and make every bride a queen. 


5. Gardenia 


white flower with green leaves

Gardenia, known well by its botanical name, Gardenia jasminoides, is an evergreen shrub with amazingly fragrant flowers and shiny, dark-green leaves. Because of their unique growth requirements, Gardenias are a real rare find.  

You will not find them at every wedding. This makes them so unique. With its exotic and elusive nature, Gardenia stands for secret love, purity, and joy, a good symbol for exclusive and pure marital love. They are a great option to mix well with every dress.  

6. White Chrysanthemum 


white and yellow flower in black background

white chrysanthemum is another unique all-dress-fitting bridal bouquet. With its rich and appealing petals, the white chrysanthemum symbolizes loyalty and devoted love, which everyone needs in their marriage. In general, chrysanthemums can be  believed to represent happiness, love, longevity, and joy, making them a top choice for wedding flowers.  

They present a not-so-conspicuous look, making them ready to blend well with most colors and act as a perfect compliment for every color bridal team would think of.  


Choosing colors is crucial for a wedding to maintain beauty, yet this can challenge many people. To avoid color clashing, you need to prioritize flowers that match well with every dress, then have more freedom to settle on your dress. This article gives six top bouquets that can go with any dress, making your wedding a host of beauty and class.  


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