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Unleashing the Power of AI in Class 10: A Guide to the Future

In the past few years, the dream of creating true Artificial Intelligence (AI) is slowly becoming a reality. Artificial intelligence is now believed to be the one technology that will empower the world’s digital goals of the future. Therefore, it does not come as a surprise that almost every country is taking the initiative to stay ahead in the field of AI.

Even in the field of education, the importance of skill-based teaching is slowly overshadowing the practice of knowledge-intensive education to make the younger generation AI-ready. If used properly, AI can provide a lot of opportunities and solutions for economic growth and social development. Therefore, keeping this in mind, the CBSE and ICSE boards have introduced Artificial Intelligence Class 10 as an optional subject. Schools are now offering skill-based optional subjects to improve the skills and proficiency of the future generation, which can ultimately provide them with various career options.

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

The duplication of human intelligence in machines, especially computer systems, is called Artificial Intelligence. Therefore, a machine with AI can perform several functions, make its own decisions and even provide solutions to problems humanity struggles to find. Variants of AI can be seen in real-time language translators, weather predictions, speech recognition, biometric security systems, machine vision, etc.

Artificial Intelligence: A Guide towards Student’s Bright Future

Artificial Intelligence has changed the way people think and learn. AI Technology has already taken over several fields of work, such as banking, healthcare, and smartphone applications. When you use OK Google, Alexa or Siri, do you realise that you are making use of artificially intelligent software? There are many other virtual games and social media applications that use Artificial Intelligence to provide us with better and more realistic experiences.

Therefore, AI has become one of the most sought-after career options. Studying books like Artificial Intelligence Class 10 helps students prepare for an AI-dominated future. Here are some reasons students must be taught about Artificial Intelligence right from the school.

Studying Artificial Intelligence Promises A Bright Career

With every industry trying to incorporate Artificial Intelligence in its domain, students who learn this subject right from school will have better opportunities and career prospects.

Make A Good Living

Artificial Intelligence has now become the fastest-growing technology in the job market. Artificial Intelligence engineers are offered attractive packages at the entry-level, which is relatively high compared to any other engineering graduate.

Versatile Discipline

Since Artificial Intelligence finds uses in computing, healthcare, automobiles, banking, space, finance and many more fields, it is one of the most versatile disciplines in education.

The Fuel of the Future

Artificial Intelligence is rightly labelled as the fuel of the future because it is believed to replace a lot of work currently done by humans. However, it is also certain that it will create new career options in all fields for humans to fill in. Therefore, students need to have at least the basic knowledge of artificial intelligence to remain up to date with the world. You can read books such as Artificial Intelligence Class 10 and find a good standing in the future.

Artificial Intelligence Book: The Ultimate Solution for Class 10 Students

Artificial Intelligence Class 10 textbook is authored by Sumit Arora and designed to provide a broad overview of the field and cover a wide range of topics. Part A of the book focuses on Employability Skills while Part B focuses on Vocational Skills of students.

As Class 10 is an important stage in every student’s life, this book helps them get a clear understanding of the career choices ahead of them. With the multiple application of AI as mentioned earlier, Artificial Intelligence Class 10 can prepare students to provide better societal conditions in the future.

With a good introduction to AI the book contains a lot of evaluation and explanation. Therefore, if students are taught about such useful technology from an early age, it will benefit not only them but also the future of this world.


We know that books are the best sources of knowledge and wisdom. They not only enlighten the readers but also guide them and light a spark to create a better future. Books such as Artificial Intelligence Class 10 play a major role in preparing young minds for future prospects and unleashing their potential that can create a more advanced future. For amazing deals and books that get delivered to your doorstep, visit the GetMyBooks website.

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