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Using Facial Biometrics for Authentication in Modern Industry

Nowadays, cybercriminals have started using advanced techniques to bypass the security protocols of organizations. Hackers know the loopholes of mainstream authentication measures and they use sophisticated measures to exploit the system. This is a big risk for financial organizations because it exposes their sensitive data to external threats. Moreover, criminals can sell personal data on the dark web for monetary benefit. Facial biometrics is a foolproof system for industries all over the globe. The AI-driven system improves data protection and ensures adherence to AML/KYC regulations. The automated digital solution, due to liveness detection and micro-expression analysis, prevents identity theft and terrorism financing cases efficiently.

Manipulative Techniques of Cybercriminals

Technological advancement has enabled fraudsters to use advanced approaches to fool the verification services of modern-day companies. 

  • Stealing the government-issued ID card of real individuals is one technique used by bad actors to exploit the benefits linked with the entity. Global regulatory bodies always enforce regulations to discourage such fraudulent attempts and protect organizations from identity theft
  • Fabricating the identity profile is another method that fraudsters use for exploitation. Criminals manipulate the document in various ways that companies using the traditional methods of verification will never be able to catch the deception. In case the organization has adopted the latest facial biometrics service, the manipulative strategy will not work because of AI and machine learning technologies. Fintech has the capability to catch changes at a pixel level
  • Creating synthetic identities is a meticulously planned deception technique that uses data from multiple profiles to generate a new identity. As per the insights from Federal Reserve Board, synthetic identity fraud is widespread in the United States of America which is traumatizing for the victims
  • Generating ghost identities means designing an identity profile from the data of a deceased entity. Perpetrators use the method to exploit health insurance and pension benefits. Any type of organization, public or private, can be the target of ghost identities

Advanced Features of Facial Biometrics System

Facial biometrics is a compatible technology for organizations because it ensures sustainable development for businesses. Integration with the already existing technologies happens smoothly and clients do not need to spend more resources. A facial biometrics system is a powerful way to counter the rising cases of fraud. The following features in the facial biometrics authentication system make it a robust security protocol:


Cross-checking the Data Points

The advanced feature reviews the data from facial points in real time by vetting it with previously given client records. When a criminal tries to sabotage the integrity of the system, the facial biometrics system catches it quickly. The data from contour points of the face and skin texture analysis prevents all kinds of scams.

Using the Face Liveness Verification Feature

The biometrics system extracts data from the facial signature of the user that records the pattern of facial expressions. It makes it a powerful authentication system against spoof attacks, and deep fakes. Some companies use video-based facial biometrics and ask the customers to perform simple actions such as moving hands or making a smiley face. The combination of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies gradually increases the accuracy of facial biometrics (AI & ML).


Any organization with weak/traditional security protocols will never be able to detect synthetic identity fraud. Earlier verification systems only carried out evaluations on a superficial level and not deeply. Businesses must know that synthetic identity is different from fake profiles and only the latest digital solution such as facial biometrics, can detect fraud. 

Utilizing 3D Depth Perception

Sometimes, fraudsters use complex manipulation techniques that can pass various security checks. However, the feature of 3D depth perception counters every manipulation technique from perpetrators. 

Facial Biometrics System: Applying the Service at Airports

Face authentication software is used at airports in Brazil and the United States of America. The advanced-level system can even detect faces behind a mask. The application of a facial biometrics system ensures a safe traveling experience for passengers by minimizing human and drug trafficking cases. Hence, the service is beyond comparison in deterring cyberheists. 


Concluding Remarks

In a nutshell, the implementation of facial biometrics services enhances the effectiveness of business operations and ensures that companies extend services to real clients only. The biometrics system creates a powerful defense mechanism against scam attempts.

Biometric technology is powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms that process the facial signature, code in the retina, and fingerprints. The in-depth assessment of biological features catches every type of deception technique. Consequently, any fraud attempts go unsuccessful due to the facial biometrics verification system. 

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