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What Causes a Water Flow Control Valve to Fail?

Flow control valves are very essential for regulating various process variables. The flow of the fluid directly impacts the process variables. But with the help of a water flow control valve electronic anyone can easily manage all of it as per the need of the system or the equipment. Today, almost all industries depend upon electronic flow control valves but what if the valve fails? Remember that does not happen suddenly. A valve shows some symptoms before getting failed. By understanding the reasons for the failure and providing the proper maintenance one can run the vales for a long period. 

Below we have listed some reasons for fluid control valve failures:

Incorrect Installation:

Incorrect installation of a water flow control valve electronic is the most common reason for failure. Meanwhile, the valve failed to deliver the expected output as per the need of the users. To prevent this issue, it’s necessary to use the right size valve and install it correctly with the assistance of a professional. Don’t forget to see the flow capacity, positioning, and orientation of the valve. By doing that, you will save the valve from premature failure and will get the expected results. 

Dead band:

The water flow control valve electronic having a dead band performs no activity at the provided signal. It looks like a clash between the controller signal and the actual position of the valve. A dead band can happen because of a mechanical backlash and can also be caused due to friction. When it happens, the valve starts oscillating in a loop. To solve this problem the controller should send the additional output and this will cause the electronic flow control valve to overshoot its target position. 

Insufficient maintenance:


Create a schedule for the regular inspection of all the valves installed in a system. When the valves get older then they are chances of their failure and this failure can happen due to any reason such as cavitation, or debris. Debris can block the passage of the fluid and will cause the valve to not deliver accurate pressure. Debris stuck inside the water flow control valve electronic and can damage the internal mechanism of the valve. Improper maintenance of valves is also a reason for failure. Because when they get older, they require proper maintenance to provide the right performance to the users. 

High Temperature:

Remember valves that often go under extreme temperatures can fail. When a valve often faces high temperatures then it starts malfunctioning after some time and in the end fails to provide the desired fluid flow and pressure. Keep an eye on all the flow regulator valves and the temperature of the environment. 

Final Words:

water flow control valve electronics are widely used in the manufacturing industry to control all kinds of fluids and gases. These valves work as a device and they also face some problems and may require troubleshooting to perform well. Above we have listed some most common causes of valve failures that you need to prevent to have the optimum performance from a flow control valve.   

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