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What is the language of flowers?

This phrase has been heard by everyone who has dealt with floristry at least once in their life. In fact, this is a kind of symbolism that each individual plant carries. The language of flowers did not arise out of the blue – this direction arose on the basis of observations, legends and teachings about flora.

So, for example, in Germany there is a belief that flowers are the souls of dead people who descend from heaven to bring joy to their relatives and friends.

In addition, in the old days, small boutonnieres on ladies’ dresses during a ball could tell a lot of interesting things to gentlemen and about their owner. Using plants, one could write a whole letter or a note to a beloved.

We talked to the specialists of the flower delivery service in Zaporozhye to share with you an interesting approach to choosing a bouquet in Ukraine.


What do the flowers say

Unfortunately, these days, many perceive the language of flowers as something greatly simplified and not worthy of attention. Meanwhile, an incorrectly chosen bouquet, its inappropriate color scheme can even offend the person to whom it is intended. Therefore, some knowledge on this matter will not interfere with everyone:

  • amaryllis – will show your admiration and pride for the person;
  • magnolia – indicates your perseverance and desire to achieve the lady’s favor;
  • cornflowers – simple and delicate flowers, emphasizing innocent intentions;
  • gardenia – tells about your love for the one to whom you present this flower;
  • pink carnations are given by mothers to their children, showing how much they love them;
  • gerbera – a flower of mystery and prudence;
  • heliotrope – a plant that indicates your devotion to the object of sighing;
  • gloxinia – ideal for a gift as a sign of first love;
  • Callas are a symbol of admiration and admiration for a person.

In addition to plant species, there is also the color of inflorescences, which will also tell a lot. Some shades may not be suitable at all in some situations. So, for example, a young girl should choose a bouquet in pastel colors. Light shades emphasize youth, naivety, dreaminess. Red roses are ideal for a wife, beloved girl, who literally scream about love and admiration. For mom, grandmother, choose a spectacular, emotional bright mix of compositions, yellow or red roses, multi-colored chrysanthemums.

The language of flowers is so multifaceted that it is impossible to describe it in a few words. Therefore, teach and learn it with the help of your assistants – delicate, beautiful and fragrant buds.

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